Cllr Pugh's financial discipline culture looks weak

Published on Friday, October 26, 2012 - 11:03


LETTERS From Simon Haytack, Whitwell:

WHILE any plans to keep council tax levels low are welcome, I found David Pugh’s comments to the County Press about instilling a culture of financial discipline at County Hall bizarre to say the least (CP, 05-10-12).

Over the last few years we have seen vital services including public toilets, libraries and tourist information centres either closed or reliant on volunteers to remain open.

On adult social care the council’s planned cuts were so devastating they were forced by the high court to abandon them, costing taxpayers almost £200,000.

Clearly, with budget cuts from central government coming into force locally, some changes had to be made, but with legal alternatives put forward by opposition councillors which would have seen these services saved, it is clear that the Conservative group do not offer value for money for the taxpayer.

The significant council underspends of the last two years have demonstrated that many of the Council’s cutbacks simply weren’t necessary.

The words "financial discipline" will look weak to anyone who has, over the last few years lost a service they rely on.

If this is the majority group’s idea of strong economic management then the council elections next year and a change of face couldn’t come sooner.

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