Don’t complain, enjoy the music

Published on Friday, February 08, 2013 - 11:04


Don’t complain, enjoy the music

Phil May of The Pretty Things at the Wight Rock Bar. Picture by Jennifer Burton.

LETTERS From Mark Stagg, Carisbrooke:

WE played at Wight Rock Bar on Saturday, supporting The Pretty Things.

As some of you may know, The Wight Rock Bar has received a battering from its neighbours, complaining about the noise, and they want Wight Rock to close.

Why is it that here on the Island, people moan there is no live music yet when people like the owners of Wight Rock do their utmost to have a great little venue for bands to come and play, the same people moan about the noise?

If you wanted to live somewhere where there is peace and not a single sound from loud music, then move to the countryside.

I’m sorry but it just sucks, to think that in this day and age, people want to ruin things for others.

The whole idea of Wight Rock is to let musicians, no matter how experienced, have a go at performing to an audience.

Here on the Island there are so many talented musicians, it gives pleasure to see some new acts grace the stage, gets them out of the bedroom and performing live and sometimes on to bigger things.

There is no other venue like this on the Island.

It would be a great shame to see it close.

We had such a good time on Saturday and thank everyone so much for supporting, not just us, but Wight Rock too.

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