Festival of ages needed?

By Phaedra J Kelly

Friday, June 20, 2014


LETTERS From Phaedra J Kelly, Ryde:

Thank you to whomsoever innovated the Golden Years pages in Weekender.

It is way past time we young fogies had our own section.

Now, how about we get something begun through that; as this Island is so festival mad (there’s one for everything from the post to the sea), and since one never comes on time and the tides of the other go shopping in Portsmouth all day, a fest for the elderly ought to be the place to express the frustration caused by the other two.

And, of course, we could combine with our grandchildren who do understand us, to Rock Against Ageism, and share through cross reference some culture from both the extreme ends. They are treated as too young, we as too old, so surely have much we can find in common and with both sectors being festive, look out miserable middle aged!

Skateboarding while knitting? Obviously crochetting crash hats, the combinations between the ages are endless.

Fun could be had by all, for once, instead of privileged minorities who certainly look like fatcat majorities the more I seem to see myself being sidelined.

Well it’s a thought.

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