Forget the ferry, Branson could give us a fixed link

Published on Friday, October 19, 2012 - 11:06


LETTERS From James Wilson, Carisbrooke:

I WRITE in response to the various correspondence in your paper regarding Sandown Town Council’s 'invitation’ to Sir Richard Branson to purchase Wightlink (CP, 05-10-12 and letters 12-10-12 ).

While Charlotte Hofton’s column (CP, 12-10-12) attempts to throw some humour on the entire issue, I find it somewhat disturbing that elected members of the council, who are the face of the IW in many respects, would consider asking the Virgin Group chairman to take on such a project, when it is clear the only real answer to the Island’s problems is a fixed link.

It further concerns me the councillor concerned thinks if Virgin were to buy Wighlink, the cost of ferry travel would reduce.

This is further evidence the elected members live in cloud cuckoo land.

Sir Richard is worth something in the order of £3 billion, which was a result of luck and good business judgment.

Why would he reduce the fares and reduce the profit margins that Wightlink currently robs us for?

This is the world of business and commercial enterprise, not the IW Council chamber.

If Sir Richard is to be approached, let’s do this with a sensible proposition.

Please invest your hard earned cash in building the 'Virgin IW Fixed Link’. The Island needs your help!

• More letters on this topic in the Friday, October 19, County Press.

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