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Published on Friday, October 26, 2012 - 11:06


LETTERS From Michael Douse, East Cowes:

I DO not know from where Mr Rogers, of Carisbrooke, (CP, letters, 19-10-12) obtains his information but I have to rely on the IW Council planning website to read the asphalt plant submission by Eurovia where it states that the only safeguard proposed is a Frisbee gauge, but no information is given as to how this inappropriate device could possibly close down the plant.

The Frisbee gauge lacks any intrinsic measuring capability and cannot be connected to another system whereby the asphalt plant could be closed down.

This is hardly surprising when you realise that the Frisbee was designed to afford basic evidence in civil actions taken against factories relating to smuts appearing on garments hanging on people’s washing lines but not to act as a mechanism to protect people’s health.

How on earth can Mr Rogers honestly believe that "At the first sign of trouble (the asphalt plant) would be closed down".

The Frisbee is simply an upturned plate randomly collecting large dust particles that fall on to it without any protection against rain, washing away the samples.

The Frisbee is simply not capable of sampling those microscopic particles emitted from the proposed asphalt plant which will actually cause damage to human bodies nor does it have any ability to close down the plant when damaging particles are released.

A company that has selected such a low-grade device is not demonstrating any genuine measure of concern for its potential neighbours.

Everyone needs to understand that if this asphalt plant application was ever approved by the IW Council planning committee there is little likelihood that the IW Council environmental health department would have the resources available on a continuous basis to ensure the asphalt plant would be operating within the stipulated conditions necessary to protect the local population from any dangerous stack and fugitive emissions, let alone enforce plant shutdowns when breaches occur.

• More letters on the asphalt plant in the Friday, October 26, County Press.

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