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Friday, August 21, 2009


LETTERSFrom Mrs J. L. Hutchinson, Pondwell, Ryde:

I WAS very distressed to learn that our hourly bus from Pondwell to Ryde is to be discontinued in September, leaving the residents of Pondwell who are without cars, completely stranded.

I am 88 and to walk up to Nettlestone is too much for me.

I thought buses were meant to be a public service but obviously all Southern Vectis think about is money!

Why is there a bus every ten minutes to Newport and none at all for Pondwell? Surely one bus an hour is not too much to ask?

Everyone in Pondwell cannot afford regular taxis and there are vital appointments to be kept — bank (for pension), chemist, doctor especially in the case of elderly residents.

I am sure most of us would be willing to forego our free pass and pay at least half fare if that would solve the problem.

From Mrs J. T. M. Green, Ryde:

OAP expenses?: I am well aware that Mrs Spencer and our local councillor Reg Barry are fighting hard for us golden oldies in the community and as I am approaching 80 I sincerely hope that reason will prevail regarding the withdrawal of the No 16 bus.

I moved to my bungalow safe in the knowledge that when I could no longer drive I had a bus stop within walking distance for shopping and the doctors at Ryde and Nettlestone.

We have been given a free bus pass, wonderful! Then my cynical self asks, where is the catch, is this bus pass really for free? Well, is it? Or is it just a free plastic card to look at?

But hang on, the government is cutting down on its expenses! Where is that money going to?

I have the solution. We golden oldies can have expense accounts and claim for taxis to the surgery and to do our shopping.

Alternatively one can hope that reason will prevail and Southern Vectis and Go South Coast listen to our more-than-reasonable request.

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