Gospel spread by men

By Patricia Eldridge

Published on Friday, July 25, 2014 - 12:30



From Patricia Eldridge, East Cowes:

SO the vote has been cast, and the women can now press on for promotion — promotion? The priesthood is vocation. I have never heard of a male priest thinking of promotion. I’ve been an Anglo-Catholic for all my life, (and I am past my sell by date).

Thirty odd years ago, an organisation was brought in called WAON (Women Against the Ordination of Women), so you see it is not a male chauvinist thing. It was made up of thousands of women and men and had the theme "Cost of Conscience".

We call our priest Father and, when we receive the sacrament, the priest blesses us and hands us the body of Christ. Followed by this is His blood.

It cannot be that a woman can be a representative of our Lord Jesus.

Many who don’t care one way or another, must realise that Christ had many women followers as well as men, but he chose men (often illiterate) to go forth and spread the Gospel.

To people who don’t attend, they must wonder why all the fuss. Our integrity compels us to follow the tradition of Christ — we are Christians.

When the vote was cast, there were cheers, with us, heartache and tears.

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