Have I got this right Mr Turner?

Friday, November 2, 2012


LETTERS From D. Wilson, Newport:

I’M beginning to lose track of the expenses/ allowance/rent assistance claimed by our MP.

What follows is my current understanding but I would naturally welcome any clarification or correction from Mr Turner or his team of assistants.

Mr Turner’s 'second home’ used to be in Cowes, an apartment just a few hundred yards from the Red Jet. Ideal for commuting you’d have thought.

Not so Mr Turner, who instead purchased a larger house in need of much TLC in Newport.

Subsequently, some £80,000 of public money was spent maintaining/improving this new 'second home’ while his unsold Cowes property was rented out.

Now it seems Mr Turner’s latest 'second home’ is in Victoria, London, having utilised changes to the expenses regulations that allow him to live there supported by up to £20,000 of public money for rent.

This arrangement also allows him to rent out his Kennington flat (which, depending on the year, has been both his first and second home).

Mr Turner complains of being out of pocket having had to spruce up Chez Kennington in advance of tenants moving in.

But the question is this: now Kennington is all shipshape, it will presumably command a healthy monthly rental income while its potential sale value is also enhanced in readiness for the time when Mr Turner cashes in his chips.

Either way, is it not the case he will ultimately profit as a result of moves designed to curtail the expenses culture of MPs?

All in it together? Some more so than others it would seem.

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