Highlight disgust at next election

By Steve Gibbs

Published on Friday, November 09, 2012 - 11:05


LETTERS From Steve Gibbs, Newport:

I write to you in my role as PCS union representative.

I note in your last edition you published details of our MP’s home expenses.

What I find hard to believe was something that was quoted in the Daily Telegraph last week.

This stated MPs spent more than £5 million on food and drink in the House of Commons restaurants and bars in the space of one year.

What is more astonishing and unbelievable is that for every £10 spent in these

gourmet restaurants, £7.60 was subsidised by us, the taxpayer.

I think this highlights the gap between the rich and the poor.

I would ask readers: do you get meals at a cheap rate when you attend your work or do you have to pay for all of it?

This is a scandal when people are trying to survive on benefits of less than £70 a week.

It makes me so angry to

see the poor suffer for no reason.

Is it not time we highlighted our disgust and voted to get rid of this myth that the poor are costing us the money that could be saved so easily.

Come on Islanders, vote with your conscience at the next election.

From Roy George, St Lawrence:

Misjudged: Although I agree with virtually everything Keith Newbery said in last week’s excellent column about the appalling behaviour of Andrew Turner in regard to MP’s expenses, I fear Keith completely misjudges the effect Mr Turner’s greed will have on the IW electorate.

If someone other than an MP rented out their own flat, pocketed the income and then claimed housing benefit while renting another, they would be lambasted as scroungers, rightly prosecuted and possibly jailed.

And leading the baying mob would doubtless be those same hypocrites who will surely troop into the polling stations at the next election to vote back into office this disgraceful man.

And don’t be suckered, Keith, into thinking his party workers will abandon him.

While the County Press last week relegated his expenses problems to page five, Mr Turner’s staff were busy massaging his public image with a glowing article and full page picture of him (with homeless dog) on page three.

He’s not so much interested in housing a dog as feathering his own nest.

Editor’s footnote: Last week’s expenses story was a reaction to our original story published on October 26.

From Henry Oates, St Helens:

Commitment: Surely, with the Island in such a terrible state, education, highways, finances, etc, I am somewhat surprised our council leader has time for a part-time position on the mainland (CP, 02-11-12).

I think Cllr Pugh should consider his positions and if he cannot commit himself wholly to getting the Island out of the mess he and his party put it in, then he should resign immediately.

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