I can’t wait to see festival emergency plan in action

By Richard Wilkins

Published on Friday, November 09, 2012 - 11:03


LETTERS From Richard Wilkins, Newport:

How on earth can the recent survey conducted by Newport Parish Council regarding the IW Festival be of any use, when a huge percentage of the people in the survey area get a bribe of two free tickets?

Even if they do not like the festival they take the tickets, sell them, and go away for the weekend or just pocket £200?

How can you expect a true and honest survey? This survey is not truly representative and of no use whatsoever.

The licence review should put a stop to the abhorrent open bribes and then see what your survey says.

As for Newport profiting, this is hogwash. Every Islander avoids Newport when this event is allowed to go on, except for revellers’ trips to supermarkets for beer and food, and I see no mention whatsoever of the state of Seaclose Park, which is still in a mess five months after the last event.

This council allegedly gets £50,000 for the use of Seaclose and where is this money spent? To improve the Seaclose area? Fairlee area? A children’s play park in the Staplers area? No.

I hope it rains harder again next year and I cannot wait to see the so-called emergency top-secret plans in action.

The IW Act was there for a reason you know.

From Graham and Susan Perks, Ventnor:

Private enterprise: Having listened to endless deliberation, why doesn’t the council leader get John Giddings, festival organiser, the landowner of the present site, chief of police and other services, such as planning, around a table?

They could work to get permission for a change of use for the area used for parking at the site into a suitably sized area to be concreted, to alleviate the problems of this year. These were a lot worse than any I can remember but only because of the weather that weekend.

This would create a permanent site for parking for the festival but which could also be used for smaller charity fairs and rallies, markets, circuses, national exhibitions, park-and-ride, etc.

The opportunities are endless throughout the year, all generating income of some form or another throughout the Island.

Of course the cost would be astronomical and problems with the green belt, etc, would all have to be overcome.

But with some vision and common sense, nothing is impossible and nearly everyone wins.

Of course, now the council doesn’t want to run any business, it would be left to private enterprise to foot the bill but, as they would also be left to run the venture, it would be in their own interest to make sure it was run well.

You will always get the moaners but, like the closing of Ventnor Winter Gardens, offloading of the Botanic Garden and toilets, pools, libraries, etc, and now maybe even our car parks, leave it to private entrepreneurs and they may all survive in some form for the good of residents and tourists alike.

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