Is festival a benefit?

Friday, November 30, 2012


LETTERSFrom Fraser Lloyd Jones, Totland: 

WHAT a relief the IW Council saw sense and allowed the continuation of the IW Festival with only a small amendment to the licence.

The festival has for years and will continue to provide worldwide recognition for the Island along with tourism and vital spending. 

The licensing committee is not in a position to review any factors other than the four licensing objectives. What a shame it cannot take into account the vital revenue and awareness these events carry with them.

The emergency services were all present at the hearing for two days at a huge cost to the taxpayer. All of these services are in discussion with the festival anyway and calling them to a review undermines their professionalism and suggests they would only be involved in such a situation when a third party brings them into it.

Who do GKN think they are that they can call the festival to a review because of a traffic jam? The emergency services reported they attended all calls and this year’s events were affected by the worst weather in 100 years. If they had concerns, they can call for a review themselves. 

GKN causes daily traffic issues on the Island, no one gets to call it to review or demand to see its business plans.

I am pleased with the decision but really do want to know how GKN feels it is justified in their actions. Maybe, as Solo cover all the costs of the emergency services at the festival, GKN could cover its review costs?

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