Islanders show true colours

Published on Friday, November 02, 2012 - 11:06


LETTERS From Charlotte Corney, director, IW Zoo, Sandown:

IT was with great sadness that the team at the IW Zoo said goodbye to Snoopy, our African lion, on October 11, when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of oral cancer.

It was, however, with great joy that we received such a show of condolence from Islanders clearly moved by the sensitive way in which the media delivered the news of Snoopy’s sudden death.

This is what makes our community special: the sense of ownership, belonging and care. It was touching to realise just how many people held Snoopy (pictured) so close to their heart.

Local residences have no doubt been hearing the searching calls of Snoopy’s brother, Charlie Brown, as he tries in vain to summon his litter-mate back to his territory.

This has, and continues to be, a tough time for the zoo team, who knew and loved Snoopy intimately, but I would just like to thank everyone who has shed and shared a thought, and even a tear, for our feline friend.

He was your lion and was proud to reign over his little patch of England, far from the plains of Africa where, one day, we hope lions will regain their right to thrive.

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