Island’s status quite clear

By Iain Johnstone

Friday, May 2, 2014



From Iain Johnstone, Brook:

I have just looked a website (referred to by the BBC webpage) which is supposed to give accurate details about British counties.

For the inquiring mind, have a look at, a website for the Association of British Counties.

There is a county list down the right-hand side, which jumps from Inverness to Kent — nowhere on this list is any mention of the IW.

Digging further, by looking at Hampshire, the mystery is solved: "Across the Solent is the Isle of Wight, a self-reliant island (and once a separate Jutish kingdom) but a part of Hampshire nevertheless".

It’s amazing what you can learn from the internet as I really did not know this as, probably, many others don’t.

Nowhere on this site is a contact to correct this error so it has to remain (unless the CP waves its big stick at them).

County confusion is about right — pity they are suffering from it themselves,

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