Keep it (the traffic) simple stupid

By Louis Lawrence

Published on Friday, June 13, 2014 - 12:00



From Louis Lawrence, Niton:

There is a simpler and cheaper option to resolving the problem of traffic congestion on Fairlee Road and that is to shut off the traffic lights round the Coppins Bridge 'gyratory’ and allow 'give way to the right’ traffic to filter in.

This could even apply at the junction with Staplers. 

The one exception would be the pedestrian crossing but even that could eventually be replaced by a modestly sloped high-level crossing that would cost far less than a multi-million-pound bridge over the Medina. This could be easily tested too, just switch them off.

On the upslope past the fire station, traffic often backs up because of the cross hatching. But is it really needed across more than half the carriageway?

We need traffic managers at County Hall to look for simpler solutions in the same vein as the Litten Park superstores approach, which needed and got some painted lines and relieved a long-standing congestion problem. 

Newport has been plagued over the past  20 years with traffic management  experts and maybe it is time we went back to the original town layout: taking out the one-way system, restoring streets to two-way and got back to 'normal’. 

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