Make parking free to give boost to tourism

By P. Kennerley

Friday, April 25, 2014



From Mr P. Kennerley, Shanklin:

WE should make the IW a free parking area and advertise it as such. This would help tourism as it would help offset the high cost of ferries. It would also rejuvenate town centres and help small shops.

This idea will probably prove too radical for the council and council staff who will no doubt say it can’t be done.

They want to raise parking charges to cover the increasing cost of operating on and off-street parking. If you do away with most of the costs by making parking free, you make everyone happy except the staff, who would not be needed.

The only ongoing cost would be the maintenance of the surface of the car parks but these are in much better condition than the roads and get far less wear so their maintenance cost is low.

At present, Island residents and council taxpayers are being charged to park on their own land as the council only owns the car parks on behalf of the public.

We need some fresh thinking in this area because everyone is unhappy about the present arrangement.

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