More detail needed on Brickfields development

By Terry Hill

Friday, May 2, 2014



From Terry Hill, Ryde:

The recent planning application submitted by Reynolds and Read to use the old Brickfields equestrian site for industrial processes and associated storage generated more than 100 objections from local people, including my wife and myself.

The proposed activities involve the sale of aggregate, servicing of customers as well as Reynolds and Read lorries and heavy equipment in addition to using the site as a base for their equipment and skip hire. This was expected to generate up to 100 extra heavy vehicle movements per day.

Island Roads personnel, in a letter dated July 17, 2013, stated: "I have concerns with the alignment and width of the roads leading to the site, ie Newnham Road, Stroudwood Road and Havenstreet Main Road.

"You will need to demonstrate that the proposed vehicles associated with the site will not have an adverse effect on these routes. I suggest Havenstreet Main Road and Stroudwood Road are not used due to their width/height restrictive nature."

This suggestion would route the traffic through Newnham Road, already used by buses and significant commercial vehicle traffic, a road that is only 3.6 metres wide at its narrowest point as well as being in poor condition, The fact is that any currently legal vehicle, i.e. taxed and insured, etc, can use any route unless there are specific restrictions on the road itself and none of the roads mentioned have restrictions in place. How could this extra traffic not have an adverse effect on these roads?

The previously described issue is bad enough but I have a real problem with the fact it’s impossible to comment fully on the proposed change of use because I feel the application is incomplete. A late inclusion of a drawing indicates an eight-acre area to the south of the main site, as far as Stroudwood Road, is also up for proposed re-zoning with no indication or explanation in the application of its proposed use apart from the obvious fact that it could be used not just as a storage area but for industrial purposes.

If this section were to be used for industrial activities in the future it would further intensify the area’s industrialisation with corresponding extra traffic on the local roads.

If the full scope of the application cannot be determined because application information is deficient, the public are being denied their proper consultation rights. I e-mailed the planning unit on April 15 asking for clarification of this aspect of the application but to date I have received no reply.

I am afraid any approval of this application, given the lack of detail and definition, would be a mistake and could, if implemented to the greatest possible degree, (via the southern section re-zoning changes), intensify the industrialisation proposed and radically change the whole nature of the immediate area from one of rural to high density industry.

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