MP’s vote was the right one

Friday, February 22, 2013


LETTERS From Richard Salmon, Newport:

I TAKE umbrage at the comments of Willemina Hagenauw in her letter regarding our MP’s gay marriage vote.

What right does she have in stating his vote gave 'an entirely wrong impression of the IW population’?

And what right does she have in saying Island people 'would not dream of being opposed to same sex marriages’?

Has she conducted her own survey on the IW about what people think of same sex marriage, to come out with these statements?

The population of the Island has a high Christian content and I have yet to hear anyone of them back gay marriage.

The rest of the population may be of other faiths or have no faith at all but I have heard very few comment they agree with same-sex marriage.

She refers to 'our God’ so I assume she believes in God for she refers to Him as a 'God of love’, and so He is, but He also is a God who has declared his hatred of all sin, which includes homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13).

Willemina is entitled to her opinions about Mr Turner’s vote and about same sex marriage in general but she should not lump all Islanders with sharing her opinions.

We can state what we ourselves believe without her help, thank you very much. I say well done Andrew Turner for voting against this shameful and diabolical bill.

• More letters on this topic in the Friday, February 22, County Press.

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