Northwood House isn't a neglected building

Friday, February 7, 2014


LETTERS From Eileen Breeze, Cowes:

I WANT to correct Charlotte Hofton’s view of Northwood House (CP, Weekender 31-01-14).

She incorrectly stated that Northwood House was  a 'crumbling and neglected building’.  This is an untrue, unhelpful and hurtful remark to the extremely hard working team at Northwood House and all the volunteers. 

The house is a fully functioning venue for all types of occasion and event, in beautifully restored rooms and park.

There is a business already operating from the house, with several more rooms just waiting to be 'snapped up’ by more firms. 

I used the house last year and am holding an event there again on May 4 this year and am very happy with all the facilities and help and support received from the Northwood House team.

Northwood House is not neglected and there is much onward going work being carried out — with ideas and plansfor all the buildings so it is not crumbling to pieces.

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