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Published on Friday, December 14, 2012 - 11:04


LETTERS From Edward Lyon, Sandown:

Doesn’t the company which owns the Grand Hotel in Sandown also own the former Savoy hotel, which caught fire, opposite the library.

If that is so, may I appeal to them to apply for planning permission there instead, for their new hotel and preserve and upgrade the marvellous art deco Grand.

After all, the hotel opposite the library, apart from possessing enormous cracks in its walls, is more or less completely destroyed already and was in no way aesthetically pleasing or worth preserving even before the fire.

There are a number of other buildings in Sandown, which also require demolition or great improvements and it would be marvellous if their owners and the councils could get together to agree some plan of action to make these things happen as soon as possible.

Sandown was once a haunt of the rich and famous, such as Charles Darwin, Richard Strauss and John Wilkes. It therefore must have been, once, THE place to visit.

It could be again, as it has so much potential but needs love and attention from all concerned.

• Another letter on this topic in the Friday, December 14, County Press.

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