Praise for Island Roads’ team

By Mrs J. Moore

Friday, March 21, 2014



From Mrs J. Moore, Totland Bay:

For once I agree with Charlotte Hofton — only praise should be given to the men working for Island Roads, especially at Bouldner, who have worked in atrocious weather conditions since the start of the work there (Weekender, 14-03-14).

The sooner the work is finished, the sooner things can get back to normal for the traffic and residents alike. Regarding the photographs of empty car parks in Yarmouth — they are like that every year during the winter months. I was in Yarmouth yesterday and there were six or seven coaches in the bus station — tourists visiting the town.

And now we have the fishermen moaning about tidal energy.

An absolute must in an area like this — two tides per day with flood and ebb generating power each time, out of sight —unlike windmills that rely on wind which is not readily available every day of the week as are the tides.

However, the location of these turbines should be discussed further and moved if necessary to preserve our fishing industry.

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