Priority to look after coastline

By Dave Degen

Friday, August 1, 2014



From Dave Degen, Freshwater:

In principle, Mr Osman’s plan for a round-the-Island pathway is a good idea (CP, 18-07-14).

But it would negligent and foolhardy to ignore the effects of climate change and the yawning toll that extreme weather events, which seem to be occurring with increasing frequency and severity, are taking on the Island.

Top priority must surely be to protect the coastline from the inexorable effects of climate change.

Until the Island coastline is fortified fully against costal erosion as far as is possible to mitigate against further damage to the existing walkways — with chunks plunging into the sea, such as the coastal promenade between Totland and Colwell — any perimeter pathway is futile as it will need to be rebuilt every other year with the onset of more cliff falls.

It is baffling how a holiday site like Brambles Chine — home to more than 300 council taxpaying residents — is not covered by the Coastal Defence Plan.

I mean, why bother to save holiday chalets, liable for a thousand pounds each annually, from falling into the sea?

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