Road nightmare

Published on Friday, November 16, 2012 - 11:06


LETTERS From Annie Marks, Wootton:

NOTE to the IW Council; it’s good to see the candidate for the Shanklin Village Idiot Competition is doing a splendid job.

If you have driven through Arreton on your way to Shanklin on the regular route; you should be able to turn right just past Morrison’s, and comfortably wind through to Shanklin…only that road is completely closed.

Well, so what, it follows you can go straight on into Lake and then turn right into Shanklin, only, of course, you can’t, owing to the fact there are huge roadworks in Lake, and they sport four-way traffic lights, so if you join the queue up by what used to be Lake Middle School, you’ve got time to read War and Peace before you actually get through!

Of course you can be sly and nip about in the back streets, Green Lane, Cemetery Road, etc, following diversion signs — except if it’s a really busy morning, when you hit Cemetery Road you join the queue going the other way through Lake.

Then there are a set of traffic lights fore and aft of Whitecross Lane (which, of course, is closed), and there doesn’t appear to be any sensible reason for them at all, other than to make the set up even more unbearable.

Well, at the moment you can turn right at Apse Heath and pick your way through America Woods…nice little meandering one-lane road, but I’m sure when he gets a grip on it, the chap responsible for the misery will find a reason to have the High Street closed and then, well, Shanklin can drift away in the mists of time.

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