Shared bins ‘no’ beggars belief

By Paul Taylor

Friday, May 2, 2014



From Paul Taylor, Cowes:

THE intransigence of Island Roads (CP, 18-04-14) in saying no to signs on waste bins to encourage dog owners to put properly bagged and tied dog waste in as a shared facility instead of leaving the mess in the pavements and verges, with all the attendant health and safety issues, beggars belief.

Its weak excuse is that waste bin contents are separated for recycling and although the signs would require dog waste to be securely bagged and tied, it is "not nice" for the recycling team to separate.

Excuse me?

A lot of waste bin contents are much nastier.

One often sees waste bins full of those expanded foam food containers with an amount of decaying food still in them.

Do a sniff test between a bagged used nappy and a properly bagged dog waste bag and just see which smells worse. So, how does Island Roads actually try to

cope with dog waste on our streets, pavements and grass verges?

It "regularly does a sweep of the more public area" and "responds to private calls reporting dog fouling within two hours". Sometimes this happens.

In other words, Island Roads would rather send out squads of teams all over the Island, leaving a huge carbon footprint in their wake, rather than encourage people to use waste bins and so have the dog waste delivered, leaving no carbon footprint.

In saying NO to labelled shared facility in Cowes, it is acting against local authority wishes and I think it is about time Island Roads stopped running roughshod over local authorities, whose primary concern is for their residents.

So, can people put securely bagged and tied dog mess in waste bins?

They most certainly can but Island Roads will not encourage it — how crazy is that?

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