Some seasonal gobbledegook

Friday, December 27, 2013



From A. Reeder, Newport:
THE other day, a guy talking about Royal Mail spoke about 'throughput’ and 'e substitution’? 
Having absolutely no idea what he was on about, it started me listening in for other ridiculous sayings being 'rolled out’.
The ferry has a 'reduced environmental footprint’ (since when has a ferry had feet) and a pompous woman on the TV was going on about 'footfall’ in the local shops. Footfall? 
I gave that up when my knees went some years back. But perhaps I should be 'thinking outside the box’ and be more charitable to these people? 
Maybe they have such a grasp of the English language that they have the need to share it with us? Or perhaps the real answer is it makes them feel superior to us 'plebs’ as we don’t really understand what they are saying?
But I suppose it is just me. Perhaps I should 'drill down’ and do some 'blue sky think-ing’ to start 'pushing the envelope’ of this 'level play-ing field’ before 'touching base’.
Happy Christmas

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