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Published on Friday, February 08, 2013 - 11:02


LETTERS From Katy Bell, Cowes:

PARKING costs on the IW have rapidly risen in the past couple of years.

When you do use a council car park and come back in the last few minutes of your ticket, you will find a warden poised to issue a ticket.

I received my first parking ticket late last year. I was eight minutes late back to the car park on a Sunday and was one of three cars there.

Paying by phone can result in a ticket being issued for not displaying a ticket. The amount of the parking fee makes it hard to carry enough change and this Monday I discovered the machine in central Newport was broken.

To avoid high charges people have started using supermarkets’ and stores’ car parks. Understandably these stores don’t want their bays filled by non-customers and are employing their own warden or charging, whereas you can always find an empty bay in a council car park.

I am a part-time student and Southern Vectis offers half fares to students.

My fare to Newport and back is 10p more expensive than the parking and I can guarantee getting there on time and not being fined.

I look forward to saving the petrol and the environment and would recommend the council sorts out its parking machines and wardens as soon as possible.

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