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Published on Friday, October 26, 2012 - 11:05


LETTERS From Dr David Green, Ryde:

I WAS astonished and concerned to read of the reaction the IW Council chief executive in answer to the poor GCSE results ("We expect schools to take action" (CP, 12-10-12).

One would applaud such a stance were it not for the fact that Steve Beynon presided over the Island’s education department for the years before he became chief executive.

When Mr Beynon left the role of director of education, the Island’s secondary schools were not in good shape, indeed during his time at the helm of education they performed significantly worse than comparable schools on the mainland.

It was, therefore astonishing to see his outburst recorded in the County Press, where it seems that by placing control of schools into the hands of the likes of the Island Innovation Trust, Mr Beynon chooses to ignore the lack of success of the council in raising standards to an appropriate level when he was its director.

If someone of Mr Beynon’s standing and experience in education could not effect improvement in standards, why does he suppose these trusts can magically do so? Is he attempting to tell IW residents that he had no understanding of the appropriate strategies and practices when he was in charge of education.

Even if he is now able to identify the better strategies (ones that the trusts are unaware of), would it not make sense to share those with the trusts and thus aid their improvement

I am only grateful my youngest son attends Christ The King College, where the Ofsted report was good and so the school can focus on even higher standards without IW Council interference.

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