Stop moaning and tackle the problem instead

By Broc Silva

Friday, March 28, 2014



From Broc Silva, Newport:

So, the IW police are asking for advisors to help provide a better service (CP, 21-03-14).

There used to be different levels of personal responsibility and expectations of behaviour in those crime-free years of, er... when was it exactly?

The Sixties? Kray twins, Great Train Robbery, Myra Hindley.

OK, it must have been the Seventies: IRA, riots, football hooligans. Eighties? Broadwater Farm riots, Yorkshire Ripper… I give in.

You get the society you wish for when everyone fights for it and sometimes, that means you have to be prepared to put yourself in the way of danger for your principles.

I have, in the last few years, taken drunks to task, stopped gobby kids annoying everyone else in the library and done the same with an elderly gent who appeared to believe his age gave him greater rights than others.

I have also dealt with drunks because no-one else had the guts to.

When did we become a society of such wimps? Just because someone once got beaten to death in London for confronting a gang member doesn’t mean every time you ask a kid in the supermarket to "please stop shouting the F-word at full volume in front of my child", you will be stabbed.

In a fast-food restaurant, swear words were being bellowed with no regard for who might hear. I am 51 but when I caught the eye of one lad shouting the F-word, he became sheepish and toned it down.

The police can’t do everything. If you think they can keep you safe from every little incident forget it, sometimes you have to stand your ground and stand up for others.

It’s up to you: moan or do something. I prefer to be proactive.

Last night, I heard a vile drunk abusing his partner outside my flat so I had a look and my raised voice was enough to shut him up and move them on. If not, I would go down and do whatever is needed because there is no option to leave him to it. One day, that could be your daughter.

Better hope there are more like me than people who reminisce about the "good old days" and complain there aren’t enough bobbies on the beat.

The police, in general, do a decent job. Have a go, if you think you could do better. Not expecting someone else to solve all your problems and a bit of gumption go a long way.

The "good old d­ays" are now for our children and grandchildren — make sure they know the difference.

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