Stop using motorists as another cash cow

Friday, February 14, 2014


LETTERS From Derek Atkins, St Helens:

IN last week’s CP, it was reported the IW Council was considering raising various car parking charges and introducing charges for car parks that are currently free.

This, it is was claimed, would save them £440,00 over the next three years. I fail to understand how raising some and introducing new charges will save them anything at all, however it will certainly help them raise more revenue from the cash cow motorist.

Such increases would appear to be at complete odds with what we were told  in the national press last year that it was against the law for councils to treat the motorist as a source of revenue. They can only use parking revenue to cover the cost of providing parking facilities and services.

Thus I suggest the council think again on trying to grab yet more money from the already over-taxed motorist.

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