Thank you Wightlink

Published on Friday, January 04, 2013 - 11:05


LETTERS From Hugh Griffiths, on behalf of the trustees of Newclose County Cricket Ground, Bembridge:

OCCASIONALLY the pros — but more often the cons — of recent policy changes at Wightlink have been well documented in the County Press.

May I offer a view from a different angle and on behalf of sport on the Island? In difficult economic times, the nation’s private companies are struggling to survive for the benefit of customers, employees and shareholders.

At the same time, we charities and amateur sports clubs are experiencing problems too. Sponsorship is vital if we are to survive.

On a local basis and with that in mind, Wightlink deserves to be given a sporting chance. May we publicly thank Wightlink for supporting IW cricket?

We understand a total of about 90 IW sporting organisations, clubs and individuals receive the assistance of the ferry operator and this enables them to compete in mainland competitions or in regional leagues.

Ice hockey teams, rugby and cricket clubs, youth cricket teams and teams representing speedway, table tennis, swimming and motocross would all struggle without this assistance, as would individual athletes, ice skaters, ballet dancers, dog handlers and many others, who make journeys to compete and perform.

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