Thanks to Christmas engineers

Friday, January 4, 2013


LETTERS From Jane and Graham Clark, Thorley:

WHEN our radio/alarm sounded at 6.55am on Christmas morning, we were surprised when it immediately switched off.

Turning on a bedside light produced a flickering glow, usually indicative of imminent bulb failure. When other lights were switched on, they also flickered.

We have had this problem twice before this year, and on no previous occasion has it been just us.

A telephone call to Scottish and Southern Energy on its emergency number prompted a swift response from a very efficient Scots lady, who acknowledged our previous problems and said she would contact the duty engineer.

Within ten minutes at 7.30am, he telephoned to say he would be with us in about half an hour. True to his word, a cheerful man was on our doorstep just after 8am. He checked our meter and confirmed the supply problem was not in our system but in a small area of Thorley. At 9.55am, two young men arrived and spent two hours working their way through the electricity supply system until they found and rectified the fault.

We cannot thank Scottish and Southern Energy enough for the efficient way they rectified our supply problem.

We hope the Good Samaritans were able to go home and enjoy their Christmas dinner, just as they made it possible for us to enjoy ours.

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