Time to say yes to change

Friday, February 21, 2014


LETTERSFrom Clive Couter, Ryde:

I am so fed up with reading all the moaning minnies in relation to wind turbines.

On TV there are often scenes of majestic rolling hills in other beautiful parts of the country punctuated by wind turbines. Far from being a blot on the landscape they strike me as rather majestic.

Yet Patrick Scott’s letter (CP, 14-02-14) now even objects to the ten-mile-out-to-sea proximity of the Navitus Wind Farm, wanting it to be 18.5 miles out, with all the extra cost implications. It seems to me that anything and everything that smacks of progress on the Island is immediately met with a chorus of distain. 

I suspect the naysayers are mostly made up from retired pensioners, probably on a private pension, or those who do not work on the Island, whether it be second home-owners or otherwise.

For those fighting for survival on an Island with no job prospects and grateful for a minimum wage job if they can even get that, the constant no no no to anything that smacks of change or inward investment strikes me as nimbyism on a colossal scale. 

I suspect the Island has rather a reputation with any potential investors now and the word has got round that the Island opinion is generally hostile to any overner bringing money in and consequently very soon the IW will well and truly have missed the boat. 

The only hope after that is tourism and yet the fantastic job that  David Thornton, of the Visit Isle of Wight campaign, is doing is met with threats of funding cuts by the head of the council.

With the future of the Island on the line all we get is constant bickering about the state of Sandown or, of course, scapegoat number one, Wightlink.

Look closer to home for the demise of the IW — ie to the incompetence and the general closed for business attitude of a large part of the population and their elected cohorts.

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