UKIP site is Daryll’s domain

Published on Friday, December 02, 2016 - 10:30


From Iain McKie, Totland Bay:

You report (CP, 25-11-16) Cllr Daryll Pitcher stated attempts by him to airbrush me from the party are a figment of my imagination.

One only has to look at the UKIP IW branch website (, which has no reference to the 2015 General Election results, where we scored the sixth highest total in the country and the highest percentage in Hampshire. Nor does it make reference to the remarkable results in the EU referendum here on the Island, made possible by strong UKIP efforts.

The site does have seven photographs of Cllr Pitcher and two of his mother, the recently installed treasurer of the branch (despite never having been elected to the committee).

The photos show Cllr Pitcher rubbing shoulders with Patrick O’ Flynn MEP and Douglas Carswell MP, and there are more of him campaigning for Nigel Farage MEP and John Bickley (UKIP treasurer).

The photo with Carswell was a picture from Cllr Pitcher’s attempt to become MP for Suffolk Coastal, where he came third, securing 15.6 per cent of the vote.

There is also no reference on the site to Cllr Pitcher’s fellow UKIP councillor, Graham Perks.

One would easily be forgiven for concluding from the website UKIP on the IW has become the personal property of Cllr Pitcher.

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