Ventnor deserves truth

Friday, February 21, 2014


LETTERSFrom John Powell, Ventnor:

It was interesting to see our town council’s acquisitive skills are alive and well it seems (Row over centre, CP 14-02-14) — all at the ratepayer’s cost, of course.

The haste to fill the Salisbury House offices with social meetings, educational classes and a 'business enterprise centre’ is embarrassing. 

We already have a network of social meeting centres which operate on their own very successfully, and there is at least one business centre (which should not have council-run opposition anyway). 

And why, is the previous enterprise, The Winter Gardens, such a mess? 

Ah well,"Nuffin to do with us mate — try the IW Council". Ah yes, silly me, but I seem to remember the present parlous situation is a direct result of mismanagement on the part of both councils.

Us poor punters have heard a rumour. 

We were told the development group, which put in the bid against our own home-grown team, and won the contract, would be called in with its £1 document returned in case of default. 

But, so the whisper goes, the IW Council solicitors agreed to a further clause:  Not only would the pound be returned, but the council would repay any costs the developer might have had. So now it is stalemate because the council could not afford the costs of the surveyor, the financial wizard etcetera.

I believe I and all Ventnor residents have a right to be told the truth by our elected representatives.

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