Why all the property?

Published on Friday, November 23, 2012 - 11:06


LETTERS From Don Smith, Newport:

IW MP Andrew Turner writes in the County Press (CP, 16-11-12) he’s not making any profit from his property dealings.

He was an ex-teacher on the mainland; he came to the IW with the blessing of Conservative Central Office and at the invitation of the IW Conservative Party and lived in a flat in Cowes (which he now rents out).

He eventually won the IW seat and became the Island’s MP.

He still owns the flat in Cowes, a house in Newport and has two flats in London at his disposal, yet he still maintains there has been no profit.

Why does he need two properties on the IW and the use of two properties in London?

I wonder what will be the next to be added to his property portfolio, and to that of his partner?

What troubles me is that when Andrew eventually ceases to be our MP, and that will come one day; does the taxpayer have to start forking out all over again for our new MP?

What if Andrew is ennobled to the House of Lords. Oh! The poor taxpayer!

OK, it’s within the rules. However, it still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

No profit?

Andrew, please stop treating your electorate as fools.

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