Why must I tell police where I’m going?

Published on Friday, December 14, 2012 - 11:06


LETTERS From Josh Harris, Wootton:

I WAS pulled over in one of those police spot checks, where they seem to be checking anything and everything about you (CP, 30-11-12).

I am registered disabled with quite severe arthritis even though I am only 22 years of age. I also drive a high performance sports car — I have worked for years to pay for it myself, as well as insure, maintain and tax it and pay crazy amounts to the taxman on fuel duty.

I believe I was pulled over because of the type of car I drive and the fact I am a younger driver. In no way is this random.

I was made to stand out in the cold and wet weather for almost 45 minutes while they did many checks on both myself and my car, questioning things, including where I was going and for what reason —why should anyone have to disclose this information?

I was told the tread on my tyres were below the legal limit, even though the car had passed its MoT three weeks ago.

I called their bluff, as there is a garage within view of where I was pulled over. I had someone bring a tread measure gauge over and it was confirmed they were actually on and over the legal limit and not under.

To add to this, tyres had already been purchased and were awaiting fitting due to colder weather coming in and being advised they would probably be over the limit for the MoT this time next year — the car was in no way dangerous as they were making out.

The outcome of me thinking on my cold, damp feet was that they, the police, not only couldn’t get their extortionist recovery company to impound my car but also they couldn’t fine me.

I don’t feel my 'random’ pull over was in any way right and nor were the personal questions asked.

I also had to stand out in the cold damp weather and was repeatedly asked to bend down to look at some tyres which turned out to be perfectly legal.

• More letters on this topic in the Friday, December 14, County Press.

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