Worlds crumble before times change

Published on Friday, January 11, 2013 - 11:04


LETTERS From Pete McDonough, Freshwater:

I WAS wondering if readers might have views on the new Wightlink timetable between Lymington and Yarmouth?

I live on the Island at weekends as I have a job in London so commute to the Island on Friday nights and commute back on Sunday evenings. But Wightlink and its new super duper time table have thrown a spanner in the works.

Is it only me who thinks this timetable is absurd or have you had any comments from others who may be affected?

I usually get the 6.05pm train out of London Waterloo as this meets the 8.25pm ferry, or used to, as Wightlink have now pulled that ferry from the timetable.

But what is laughable is that I can get a rush-hour train at 5.35pm that gets to Lymington Pier at 7.28pm. But Wightlink have a ferry at 7.25pm which is always pulling out as you get off the train.

This means you have to hang around at Lymington until 9.05pm with the new timetable. This route is perfect as I live in Freshwater, which is five minutes in a car from the ferry terminal in Yarmouth.

I have written to Wightlink about this but it does not seem to care some people are now going to find it hard to get to the west of the Island at a decent time.

The new Lymington to Yarmouth timetable, from January 2 to February 28, 2013, shows ferries leave daily at 45 minutes past the hour from 5.45am to 4.45pm, then at 5.25pm, 6.25pm, 7.25pm and 9.05pm.

Maybe someone can tell me why the ferry times change to 25 past the hour after 4.45pm. I’m baffled.

I did ask Wightlink and it said it was to do with the bus timetable, which I have checked and it does not meet anyway. Any ideas?

Surely it would be beneficial to the Island that the ferry meets a rush-hour train and its residents get home to family at a reasonable hour.

I lost all respect for Wightlink when I suggested it should maybe just alter the timetable by keeping all the ferries at 45 past the hour but was told, and I quote, "worlds will crumble".

I’m still laughing at that. And I have kept the reply for posterity.

I chose to write to the County Press in hope that someone might be able to shed some light on this subject as my last e-mail to Wightlink was answered with an e-mail that was beneath contempt. It just does not care about the customers.

I even said I was finding a different route at more expense and the attitude was, bye and thanks for your custom.

I am just furious and wondered if I was the only one out here with now what I see as a massive headache, thanks to Wightlink.

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