Looking back for August 29

By Matthew Mckew

Published on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 - 14:27


Looking back for August 29


100 Years Ago
August 29, 1914

A COWES motor boat which was moving about the harbour without a light aroused the suspicion of the sentry on duty at Messrs. J. S. White and Co.
The person in charge of the boat made no response to the challenge of the sentry, who fired a warning shot. This had the effect of stopping the boat.
The IW County Press included a day- by-day report of the progress of the war.
It was accompanied by this account: "The wounded British soldiers paint a grim picture of a terrific struggle, in which the British infantry in the trenches mowed down the advancing German masses while under a deadly fire of German shrapnel directed by the Zeppelins and aeroplanes hovering overhead."

75 Years Ago
September 2, 1939

Editor’s column: WAR!
"After days of some doubt as to when the die would eventually be cast, Hitler has now broken the peace of the world. The decision for peace or war has passed out of our hands and the country is calm and united in its firm determination that right, not might, shall prevail."
The ground floor of County Hall, Newport, which was the control centre of the Air Raid Precaution services, was protected with thousands of sandbags and had the windows boarded up.
All material necessary for the protection of vital points, decontamination and demolition, and the conveyance and treatment of the injured, were distributed to all parts of the Island.
There were 60 members of the Women’s Land Army on the Island. Six were trained in tractor work at mainland colleges and 20 had previous experience in the last war.
Children from Portsmouth and Gosport were evacuated to the IW.
Arrangements were made for between 15,000 and 20,000 children to come to the Island.
Portsmouth General Hospital distributed 76 of its patients between Island hospitals.

50 Years Ago
August 29, 1964

A thousand voices sang Auld Lang Syne at Yarmouth’s moonlit square during the town’s finest post-war carnival week.
There was also success at Cowes Carnival, after a 25 year old stepped in to help organise it.
David Baldwin, who was assisted by 17-year-old David Godfrey, organised a three-day programme just months after fears it would be cancelled.
Letter to the editor entitled: The Horrorcraft
"May I, a resident of Seaview, express my profound sympathy with those … [who] have to endure the hovercraft menace near Appley, Ryde.
"Although these are the most stricken victims of this latest noise invention, may I protest against its continuation in the name of those who live farther afield."

25 Years Ago
August 25, 1989

A newly qualified Aldershot pilot pulled off a remarkable landing in a field at Newport when his light aircraft threatened to explode.
Petrol poured over the windscreen and fuselage of the Cessena 172 but the pilot managed bring the plane down and avoid a maze of obstacles, including 11,000-volt overhead power cables.
Thirty-three staff at the Bugle Hotel, Newport, were to lose their jobs after the hotel, believed to date back to 1480, closed.
It was to be converted into retail units.

10 Years Ago
August 27, 2004

Six red-carpet bus lanes and a park-and-ride scheme were to be built in Newport to help reduce traffic problems, subject to the IW Council securing a £1 million fund from the government.

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