Looking back for July 25

By Matthew McKew

Published on Friday, July 25, 2014 - 13:31



100 Years Ago - July 25, 1914

THE MD of Harrods Stores, who had recently purchased Osborne Cottage, bought the adjoining Norris Castle and its extensive grounds.

Richard Burbidge said he intended to let the castle and continue to live at Osborne Cottage.


The annual gunnery battle practice took place at Golden Hill Fort, Freshwater, in which full charges and live shell were used.

Day-time firing took place at The Needles and Warden Batteries. The Hurst and cliff-end batteries fired during the night.

The flashes from the guns, the bursting of the huge projectiles after their screeching flight and the columns of spray as they struck the water in the dazzling searchlights, presented a thrilling spectacle.

75 Years Ago - July 29, 1939

A bomb explosion on the Southern Railway car ferry injured two members of the Royal Ulster Rifles,who were stationed at Parkhurst.

The ferry was on its way to Fishbourne with members of the regiment returning from a bombing course. They had a bomb which had failed to detonate, with the idea of destroying it, when it exploded.


The Dufaycolor film of the Island, entitled Isle of Dreams, was to be shown again at the Odeon Cinema in Newport.

The exhibition a fortnight before had prompted many calls for it to be repeated.

50 Years Ago - July 25, 1964

The Royal National Hospital at Ventnor, now the Botanic Garden, was up for auction, under the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

However, the county planning committee announced it would not approve use for holiday purposes.

The first preference was for a school.


Eight county council bus drivers had racked up the equivalent mileage to

55-and-half times round the world and each had reported no accidents in that time.

The drivers, who transported children to and from school and delivered schools meals from the central kitchens, had completed a total mileage of 1,387,806 miles without any crash.

25 Years Ago - July 21, 1989

A murder suspect was thought to have been spotted in the Ventnor area.

A police search, aided by a spotter plane, was carried out and it transpired the person had no connection to the murders.


Plans were mooted to create a medieval-theme village in the centre of Newport, providing up to 600 jobs — providing enough parking spaces could be found.

The village, at St Cross Mill and the adjoining car park, off St Cross Street and next to Lukely Brook, were to be converted into a medieval recreation, with a small network of streets and a variety of businesses selling medieval trades.

10 Years Ago - July 23, 2004

GKN announced a multi-million-pound investment in the Island, pouring cash into East Cowes in preference to its operation in the United States.

The engineering firm, with government backing, intended to create a new aerospace composites research centre,

The initial investment was worth £5.4 million.

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