Looking Back for June 6, 2014

By Matthew McKew

Published on Friday, June 06, 2014 - 13:38



100 Years Ago - June 6, 1914

NEARLY 60 members of the Women’s Voluntary Aid Detachment of the British Red Cross Society were due to embark on a fortnight camp at the Newtown rifle ranges.

The camp had gained a reputation for discipline and effective training. The women were to carry out stretcher drills and other tasks.


The Victoria Bathing Pier in Sandown opened again after the winter break. It was met with a gratifying measure of patronage.


A postcard delivered to an inn at Sandown bore the postmark 'Portsmouth, 8.45, April 10, 1905’. It took nine years for the postcard to arrive but it looked no worse for its wanderings.

75 Years Ago - June 10, 1939

A collision in Cowes occurred at the junction of Mill Hill and Bellevue roads, involving an omnibus and a saloon car. The driver of the car was shaken and extensive damage was caused.


The IW submitted a report of all its first aid posts and first aid points to the government, as part of the Island’s air raid precautions. Plans for rescue parties and decontamination services were also finalised.


From January to June, 1939, 36 patients were admitted to the Longford Sanatorium for tuberculosis. Fourteen people were given milk grants.

50 Years Ago - June 6, 1964

A 17 year old from Bembridge was making waves on the chess scene. He came equal third at a national youth club tournament in London.


A 16 year old and a 17 year old pleaded guilty to buying intoxicating liqueur and consuming it in a bar when under age.

The youths were caught red handed by a police constable when watching a game of draughts.

Witnesses said they had been drinking a combination of light ale and lime.


Air gun pellets were fired at a train near Wootton.

The train from Newport to Ryde stopped at Havenstreet, where the guard asked the platform official to telephone the police. He said the shots had been fired from the woods between the two bridges at Wootton.


The IW Group of Amnesty International was celebrating the release of a South African prisoner after pressure from the group. The man was cleared of all charges.

25 Years Ago - June 2, 1989

Around 13,000 homes, hotels and other commercial premises in the East Wight suddenly found themselves without water, when a county council mechanical digger cut through an 18ins main.

Workmen were installing a new surface water drainage system near the entrance to Bembridge Airport.


A man from Shanklin set a new world record for his use of the pistol.

John Penn triumphed at a Long Range Pistol Association shoot. He put ten rounds into an area just one inch wide, to set a new world best.

10 Years Ago - June 4, 2004

Increased car parking charges were set to be introduced across the Island, despite much uproar.

It would improve IW Council revenue by £400,000 over three years.

Eleven petitions, containing more than 4,200 signatures, and 402 letters of objection were submitted to the council.

Six areas were outlined for the new scheme, while a decision on six other car parks had been deferred.


The Island was set to have its first female police chief. DCI Stephanie Morgan was to replace Supt David Kilbride.


Senior staff at Red Funnel took control of the cross-Solent company in a £60 million management buy-out.

The new organisation said it was looking to buy the Spencer Wharf site at Cowes.

The money for the takeover came from a Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking loan.

The company was founded in 1861 and in 2003 announced a turnover of just under £30 million.

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