Looking Back for September 5

By Sara Bryce

Published on Friday, September 05, 2014 - 14:24


Looking Back for September 5


Ten years ago: HUNDREDS of proud supporters turned out to cheer Island Olympic sailing double-gold medal winner Shirley Robertson and her team back to Cowes.

Waving and spraying champagne from an open-top bus, Shirley, 36, and crew members Sarah Webb and Sarah Ayton were driven along the seafront from Gurnard to Cowes for a celebration party at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club.

From left, Sarah Webb, Sarah Ayton and Shirley Robertson arrive on a bus outside The Woodvale pub, Gurnard.

100 Years Ago - September 5, 1914

AN ANNOUNCEMENT from Lord Kitchener was spread across the front page of the County Press. It read:

"To the young men of the IW. I have asked Mr Douglas Hall, member of parliament for the IW, to organise special meetings in the Island for the purpose of obtaining recruits for the new expeditionary force which are now urgently required."


Following comments from an Island councillor criticising young men in East Cowes "out with their girls in the evenings, instead of enlisting for the defence of their country", an East Cowes resident rose to their defence.

In a letter to the editor, the correspondent said: "Where, may I ask, would this country be, were all the young men to enlist, men who are now working at an equal rate of pressure in the yards of shipbuilding firms for our government, or others who are working to carry on the commerce of this country?"

75 Years Ago - September 9, 1939

The County Council was summoned to consider providing air raid shelters in schools and in public for those away from home during a raid.

It was decided to create the shelters immediately, providing them for school children and on the streets to allow for around ten per cent of the population.


A story entitled The Island and the War read: "Like the rest of the country, the Island received the announcement on Sunday that a state of war exists between England and Germany with a certain sense of relief, having now fully realised that, if a horrible necessity, it was still a necessity, in order that Hiterlism and all its pagan policies should be banished from the earth.

"We have now set to work to make the temporarily exiled children in our midst feel they have here a real home away from home, to tend the sick and visiting mothers with loving care and to discharge every duty laid upon us by the compelling exigencies of the times with scrupulous care."

50 Years Ago - September 5, 1964

A hovercraft, tested with a passenger service between Ryde and Southsea, was to be shipped to Borneo to see if it could be used against Indonesian guerillas.

The SRN5 was handed over to the Ministry of Defence to be sent to the Far East after taking part in secret trials at Lee-on-The-Solent.


The southern championship for the national Flying Fifteen yachts took a dramatic turn. Mid-race, officials were notified all boats must stay clear of a race marker at West Ryde middle buoy, which was also being used by 14 warships of the Home Fleet making a ceremonial departure from Portsmouth.

The race was abandoned, which was unfortunate for Uffa Fox, who had a two-minute lead in Prince Philip’s Coweslip.

25 Years Ago - September 1, 1989

New fire safety equipment played a major part in containing an inferno which gutted an amusement arcade and dressing rooms on Sandown Pier.

Around 70 firemen fought the blaze.


Ryde-born William Grinham was set to marry his childhood sweetheart, more than 60 years after they first met.

William, 77, started courting Rose Cotton when, aged 14, she moved to the Island with her family. Two years later, the romance was brought to a halt when Rose went back to her native London.

William married and worked for Medina Borough Council, Rose returned to the Island, met a partner and worked to the school meals service.

William and Rose, both widowed, met again when they both moved to The London residential flats in Ryde.

10 Years Ago - September 3, 2004

Three of the famous Carisbrooke Castle donkeys left the Island to put their hooves up at a mainland sanctuary, after a total of almost half a century.

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