Looking Back, Friday, February 22, 2013

By Abby Rugg

Published on Friday, February 22, 2013 - 14:46


100 Years Ago
February 22, 1913

A STRANGE egg was found by a woman in St Helens.
After cracking an egg which her hen laid, the woman found another egg with a hard shell inside.
The bird which laid it was a black Minorca hen.


A dog was killed after being hit by a train from Freshwater.
After leaving the Yarmouth station, the train jerked but the driver and guard did not apply the brakes.
A search on the line revealed a retriever dog has been run over.


Passengers on a boat had a rather exciting time during a very rough crossing from Totland Pier to Lymington.
The cabin flooded and seats and a skylight were smashed due to heavy waves crashing into the passenger boat.
The strong wind caused the problems and a crew member said the seas were the worst he had experienced in The Solent.

75 Years Ago
February 26, 1938

One of the founding members of the County Press died at the age of 87.
George Alfred Brannon, who for 52 years was managing director of the newspaper, went through an operation after being diagnosed with an internal disorder.
Even though the operation was successful, it proved too much for Mr Brannon, who gradually lost his strength and died from a sudden relapse.


A horse skidded across Ryde Esplanade after bolting from its wagon.
When the driver delivered goods in Union Street, the animal suddenly bolted down Union Street with the wagon in tow.
On reaching the corner of the Esplanade, the wagon’s shafts broke, forcing the horse to skid.
It sustained minor injuries.


A mother saved her two children after a fire broke out in her farmhouse in Newport.
While putting her children — aged three and 18 months — to bed, the mother heard a noise in the living room and thought it was caused by their pet cat.
But after going downstairs, she found the room in flames and discovered the oil lamp which was suspended from the ceiling had and crashed to the floor.
She dashed back upstairs to dress her children and then carried them to the dairy on the farm for safety.

50 Years Ago
February 23, 1963

Cowes Council received a letter from a Dorset woman thanking a man in the town for saving her life.
She said: "I am just recovering from an operation and would like to thank a gentleman from Cowes whose blood I was given.
"I am sure he would be very happy to know he has saved the life of a mother of five with the many pints he has given."


Tropical fish continued to swim in a smoke-blackened aquarium after a fire broke out in a flat above a grocery store in Sandown.
Glassware melted, the ceiling burnt away and furniture was destroyed as a result of the blaze in the flat’s lounge.
The cause of the fire was unknown.


A residential development in Godshill faced more objections during an inquiry at the village hall.
The refusal of the county council to permit the erection of four dwellings on land with about 225ft frontage to the west of Sainham Lane was the subject of an appeal at the inquiry.
Planning permission was refused on the grounds  that any extension of the existing residential development at the lane would be detrimental to the amenities of the neighbourhood and would result in the loss of agricultural land.

25 Years Ago
February 26, 1988

After months of speculation, the government assured the provision of an aerial search and rescue service in the waters around the Island.
Secretary of state Paul Channon announced in Parliament he would invite tenders for a civil search and rescue helicopter to replace the Royal Naval flight at HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-the-Solent, which was due to move to Portland in Dorset.


An island appeared half-a-mile north of The Needles — and the county council tried to claim sovereignty with the possibility of squeezing an extra £5 in grant aid from Whitehall.
But they had to move quickly as the newly formed shingle Island, measuring half-a-mile long and 250 yards wide, could disappear at any time.
It was formed in the middle of the western approach to the IW owing to a combination of very low tides and strong currents sweeping up shingle lost from beaches during winter’s storms.


When her buggy’s rain cover blew off as she walked her toddlers across the main road, a Newport mother was delighted when a passing motorist stopped to retrieve it.
However, her delight turned to shock and then anger when the smartly dressed middle-aged man picked up the hood, got back into his car and drove off, leaving the mother running frantically up the road after him.
The incident happened after a gust of wind blew off the cover down Blackwater Road and the mother, pausing only to park the buggy safely, ran after it before seeing the motorist drive away.

10 Years Ago
February 21, 2003

Eleven people were arrested by police in an operation to smash what they believed to be the Island’s biggest heroin-dealing operation.
The arrests made in a series of dawn raids were the culmination of a seven month investigation called Operation Edith.
More than £60,000 in cash and 350 wraps of heroin with a street value of £35,000 was also seized.


A Cowes nightclub, packed to the gunwales with yachtsmen last summer, was at risk of closure after its hours were pegged back by the IW Council on half the nights its operator wanted to open.
The council’s licensing panel told Club Submerged it could have a public entertainment licence limited to between 10pm and midnight for all but Cowes Week, when it was allowed to open until 2am.

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