Looking Back, Friday, January 25, 2013

By Abby Rugg

Published on Monday, January 28, 2013 - 10:19


100 Years Ago - January 25, 1913

A BOAT house was demolished after a section of the cliff opposite the coastguard’s old watch house in Totland Bay collapsed.

The house, which was on the beach below the cliff, stored the Totland crew’s racing galley and other boats.
The collapse was the result of excessive rainfall on the Island


A man in Upper Ventnor sustained painful injuries after glass fell on him.

The incident took place at Longdown School, when glass gave way close to the playground. The injuries were not life-threatening. 


A newly made blackbird’s nest was discovered by an IW resident.

The gardener at Westover Park found the nest in Calbourne and reported his discovery to the County Press.

75 Years Ago - January 29, 1938

The diesel electric floating bridge in Cowes was taken off the chains after the service finished.
It was replaced by the No. 2 steam bridge.

The diesel bridge was to undergo an inspection and was to be out of service for three months.


A horse was hit by a motor car when the animal was being led along Newport Road, Lake, by its rider.
When the car collided, both the rider and horse fell to the ground.

The driver of the car claimed he had no time to avoid an accident because he didn’t see the horse in front of him until the last minute.


The fire brigade were called to a fire at a bungalow in Cowes.

The blaze started in the sitting room of the home when the heat from the fire set the woodwork behind the grate alight.

It was noticed by employees of a boat builder’s yard nearby and they kept the flames down until the fire brigade arrived.

50 Years Ago - January 26, 1960

Seals were reported to have been seen in The Solent between Yarmouth and Newtown.

Many swans also left the rivers and estuaries for the open sea because of severe weather, it is thought.

Two well-grown cygnets were also spotted swimming in Freshwater Bay.


Due to icy conditions, a car ferry from Portsmouth had to smash its way through thick ice to the slipway in Fishbourne.

It was decided to divert later services to Yarmouth, where the harbour had remained clear.


Around £100 worth of vegetables, cigarettes, canned goods and chocolates were among items stolen from a shop in Station Avenue, Sandown.

The intruders were believed to have entered the shop by forcing a window at the rear of the premises.

25 Years Ago - January 29, 1988

Five young tortoises, which were being raised in an airing cupboard, were looked after by a cat while the owner went on holiday.

A woman, who ran a boarding cattery in Wootton, agreed to look after the tortoises and her Siamese cat, Claude, kept a watchful eye on them.

The tortoises were born in 1984 and emerged from their shells the size of 10p pieces. 

They had to be kept at a temperature of 70F until the age of five, otherwise they would stop eating.


The IW Development Board believed Island air services were set to take off in Bembridge.

Passenger flights virtually ceased in the 1960s but were being revived under a joint project by planemakers of Bembridge and the board.

Holidaymakers were to be flown in from Birmingham and Luton using Brymon Airways, a Plymouth-based operator.


Shanklin Pier, which was destroyed by the hurricane in October 1987, was to be completely rebuilt.

After the gales smashed away a large section of the pier’s 1,200ft length, it was feared the Victorian structure would never be fully rebuilt because of cost.

Owners, Leading Leisure, were awaiting a report from structural engineers before submitting a formal planning application for a £4.5million scheme.

10 Years Ago - January 24, 2003

A popular Island tourist attraction, the IW Rare Breeds and Waterfowl Park, at St Lawrence, was to close because of a drop in visitor numbers.

Foot and mouth disease had a big impact on the attraction and the 2002 closure of Undercliff Drive meant  fewer visitors than in the previous 40,000.

The exotic animals were to be sold and the park was to continue, with rare breed farm animals.


A SAFETY package was put together to neutralise the dangers of roads in Brading.

Proposals included a pedestrian walkway close to Wrax Road and traffic islands to slow  down motorists.

The works were part of Brading Town Council’s £180,000 three-phase traffic plan, which the IW Council adopted in 1999.

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