Charming make gig a real delight

By Jon Moreno

Published on Friday, February 15, 2013 - 10:14


Charming make gig a real delight

Charming's Emma Johnson. Picture by Laura Holme.

MUSIC A GROUP of Island folk-rock musicians with Platform One, who call themselves Charming, lived up to their name as the quality support act at a concert at Quay Arts, Newport.

The five-piece combo, who supported 'swamp boogie’ mainland outfit Rabbit Foot, could be playing at this year’s IW Rhythm Tree Festival after they charmed the event’s promoters on Saturday.

The duo Rabbit Foot, winner of the best festival category at last year’s British Blues Awards, impressed the 100-strong audience with a 90-minute set.

Rabbit Foot, which comprises Jamie Morgan, on electric guitar, and Carla Divas, who played the West African drums and sang, was brought to Quay Arts on the strength of their performance at last year’s Rhythm Tree Festival.

The festival’s promoter, Gerry Priddle, not only wanted to bring the act to Quay Arts, he had also heard good things about Charming through a Quay Arts recommendation.

"The promoter wants to book Charming for the Rhythm Tree Festival, so this concert was a nice tie-in with that. Charming are a great local act and it was a really great night," said Rachel Day, Quay Arts’ live events manager.

Charming used the gig to promote their latest single, We Will Be Blessed, which was released on CD on the night.

The band, made up of Platform One students, comprises Emma Johnson (vocals and acoustic guitar), Gareth Ashworth (electric lead guitar), Sam Roberts (drums), Craig Wheeler (bass) and Lisa Eaton (percussion, xylophone and backing harmonies).


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