900-home Ryde plan unveiled

By Martin Neville

Friday, January 25, 2013


900-home Ryde plan unveiled

An artist’s impression of the layout of the 900-home Pennyfeathers scheme on the outskirts of Ryde.

PLANS for the largest housing scheme ever conceived on the Isle of Wight can today (Friday) be revealed by the County Press.

An outline application has been lodged with County Hall planners, which could see more than 900 homes built over ten years on the outskirts of Ryde, in a new community complete with its own school, shops and industry.

The enormous scale of the proposed 'village’ on 130 acres of land between Westridge Garage, Busy Bee Garden Centre and Smallbrook, is revealed in the Pennyfeathers plan.

At its heart are 904 new homes supported by a infrastructure, including new roads, healthcare, sport and community facilities.

Under the scheme, the days of Smallbrook Junction being one of only two rail stations in the country not accessible by road or foot could end, with plans to upgrade the station with park-and-ride facilities and cycle and pedestrian links to Ryde.

Brading Road would be transformed into a tree-lined boulevard of new industrial and commercial units, while a landmark building would be constructed at the Westridge Cross junction housing a community centre with a GP and dentist surgery.

Westridge Garage would be moved further along Brading Road to new premises in order to accommodate the community centre.

The outline application has been lodged by Pennyfeathers Property Company Ltd, a company set up by a group of investors and developers.

The submission is likely to provoke renewed opposition to the plans — which have been six years in the making — proving highly controversial in the past, sparking an online petition and the formation of a campaign group, Ryde Against Pennyfeathers.

Objections have centred on the loss of a 'green corridor’ and that enough houses can be provided on Ryde brownfield sites.

The planning blueprint, the Island Plan, requires 2,100 new homes to be built in Ryde before 2027 and planning consultant, Glen Hepburn, said Pennyfeathers would fulfil 40 per cent of that need.

For more on the plans see today's Isle of Wight County Press, Friday, January 25.

Programme of works

Phase 1
•   306 homes, including 121 social homes (assisted housing)
•   Land made available for 420-pupil school
•   Cycle path extension
•   Two full-sized football pitches, with changing facilities
•   Footbridge over railway line
•   Energy centre
•   Smallbrook Lane and Great Preston  
     Road junction improved 
•   Enhanced tree planting
•   Brading Road and Cothey Way  'boulevard’
•   Laying out of industrial units
•   Central open space
•   Children’s play areas
•   Mini recycling centre for bottles, metal, paper and textiles.
•   Smallbrook Bridge realignment

Phase 2
•   52 private homes
•   Additional planting
•   Play areas
•   Cycleway underpass

Phase 3
•   204 homes, including 76 social homes
•   Five acres of landscaped open space
•   Railway platform access and park and ride car park
•   Children’s play areas

Phase 4
•   226 homes, of which 79 will be social homes
•   2,350 sq metres of commercial space
•   New Westridge Garage
•   Improvements to Westridge Cross junction
•   Community centre
•   Play areas

Phase 5
•   116 homes, of which 40 will be social
•   Further five acres of landscaped open space to northwest of Smallbrook Bridge
•   Landscaping
•   Play areas

• Full details of the plan in the Friday, January 25, County Press.

Reporter: martinn@iwcpmail.co.uk


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Log-in to Report

by David Blackford

9th February 2013, at 10:16:20

Get you objections in on this website before 22Feb

Log-in to Report

by Darryl Fry

30th January 2013, at 02:59:04

Yes. A good council employs the clerks and officers they want, who and support the views of the council. Of course a bad council will do likewise. In my view a bad council is one that represents the vested interests of corporate-world ahead of it's constituents.

Log-in to Report

by geoffrey clynch

29th January 2013, at 16:08:11

Ah! i see Mike, thanks, then thats more reason to make sure we get rid of this whole council

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

29th January 2013, at 15:57:13

Geoffrey you don't vote a clerk in or out, they are an employee of the Parish or Town Council and are there to keep to the rules. You wil find in some cases, that a Council will sack their clerk if said clerk is not a 'yes man/woman' and "do as they are told", or the Clerk will resign

Log-in to Report

by geoffrey clynch

29th January 2013, at 13:30:55

Hey! Mike, i agree with you that the lib/lab/con/eu pact have at present got things sown up in their favour, but if enough decent normal people stood up to them in elections then perhaps things could be changed, lets vote out the clerks and replace them with people who will act on what their constituents want not what a corrupt council forces on them, reconsider standing in MAY, its time we had un-bribable councillors running the Island, ones who dont just follow their masters orders, but listen to their constituents and act on their wishes

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

29th January 2013, at 10:54:46

No Darryl. As a 'member of the public' you can write to who you like and make all sorts of comments. As a Councillor you have to take things in a democratic order and post via the Clerk and she/he can stop it as undemocratic.
That is why I didn't seek re-election onto Lake Parish Council

Log-in to Report

by Darryl Fry

29th January 2013, at 08:52:14

Good onya Mike. You should run for council.

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 15:49:47

That's all there will be room for soon. and they will be built into a barn with flats over the top!

Shades of Milton Keynes ;-)

Log-in to Report

by Marie Cheverton

28th January 2013, at 14:16:19

It seems the only thing that is missing from this application are the Concrete Cows!

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

28th January 2013, at 08:52:47

""You have to step out from the blogosphere and do something.""

The Gas Board were for ever digging up our road to repair the old wax taped cast gas main. "Why don't you put a new one in?" I asked one of the men. 'No money' I then explained that repairs were costing money "Different Budget. The trouble is the leak gets under the tape, moves along and then possibly gets int the drains and comes out there"

Letter to the Gas Board explaining what the engineer said. ""Because of a flooding problem in the pedestrian underpass, new drains have been installed, may I respectfully point out that the Electric Train pick up track is just seven feet above one of these drains. Is this not a disaster waiting to happen?"
and at the bottom of the letter .......


The next week they dug the road up and put a new gas main in. That was about 20 years ago. Never any trouble since.

Any views or opinions presented in the comments above are solely those of the author and do not represent those of the Isle of Wight County Press.

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