Alternative store proposals go on show

By Emily Pearce

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A PUBLIC exhibition, showcasing alternative proposals for a new Asda store and the relocation of Newport Football Club, will be held in Newport on Saturday (January 26), giving people a chance to comment on the plans.

Asda has already lodged plans for a store off St George's Way, Newport, but the owner of the football club's ground, South Coast Leisure (SCL), is due to submit a rival planning application later this month.

The company hopes to entice Asda to buy St George's Park, enabling it to build a bigger store with more parking, and would use £1 million from the deal to relocate the football club to Isle of Wight Council-owned land next to the current site.

SCL believes its plans are superior because they would provide Asda with two acres of extra space and allow for better transport links to the store, as well as provide Newport FC with improved facilities and secure the club's long-term future.

But the supermarket giant has accused the company of trying to foil its plans.

An Asda spokesman previously told the CP: "We are convinced the site we have found is the right site, of the right size, in the right place and residents on the Isle of Wight have backed this site wholeheartedly. We have previously considered many other options, including the football club site but these have all been discounted for one reason or another.

"To try to foil our plans at the last minute is rather opportunistic of SCL."

People are being invited to have their say on the plans at Saturday's exhibition, which will be held at Newport Minster from 10am to 4pm.

They will also be able to comment online from tomorrow (Wednesday) at

SCL spokesman Steve Carey said: "This is a major opportunity to provide a superior location for the new Asda store and a permanent solution to Newport Football Club’s search for an affordable home.

"SCL and Newport FC are keen as many people as possible can contribute with their comments on the draft proposals, either at the exhibition or online, before an application is submitted."

SCL, which bought Newport Football from administrators in 2004 and has since ploughed more than £600,000 into the club, said the council had previously supported the idea of relocating the football pitch and developing the land it owns for retail and leisure use.



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by Marie Cheverton

22nd January 2013, at 15:26:23

The lines have been drawn. Once Asda completes the Big Four, the battle will commence and the IW people will be pawns, in the money game!

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by Warren Copland

22nd January 2013, at 13:10:19

Perfect answer Kevin!

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by kevin froment

22nd January 2013, at 12:11:07

the sooner the application is granted the better, my wife will stop nagging me about the closed minded people that think there are enough shops already, there are not enough shops, the ones in the high street are only clinging on by their fingernails at the moment thanks to online shopping, if i want anything i shop online, i havent been shopping in a high street shop for 10 years or more, they have had their day and its time to move on, less shops in town, less parking places needed ppq

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by T Rollingsworth

22nd January 2013, at 12:06:49

The current site is perfect, even if there was enough land in the centre of Newport, it would only make traffic worse than it already is.
The reason people are put off the town is due to the lack of variety, it's just clothes shops for the most part now.

Also, as I've mentioned before, ASDA will bring jobs to the island. The other supermarkets won't anybody off, if anything they will hire more staff and push for a longer licence. Where I used to live had all the major 5 stores within a 2 mile radius and were expanding all the time!

The only people that can complain are the people that own/run overpriced stores in the town centre. Too many small stores thinking that they can charge a fortune for something as it's "local" or "handmade". I love small shops like these, but in the current economical situation they just aren't practical.

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by Tom Spragg

22nd January 2013, at 11:56:34

Ms Morrison, you don't have a personal interest in Asda not coming to the Island, do you?(!)

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by sue morrison

22nd January 2013, at 10:44:57

Please no more stores on the outskits of town utilise the closed premises in the high street. Any way we have enough supermarkets in Newport we need something different to entice people back to the town there are only so many residets on the island with a fixed amount ot spend ASDA will only spread the spending thinner and not crate more jobs as the other stores will be forced to lay staff off as their income declines.

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by Ming Hwang

22nd January 2013, at 10:00:15

scl - stop trying to throw a spanner in the works. asda will be going ahead with it's current plan - they have told you straight - stop trying to foil their plans. Do you not understand I thought it was clear?

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by Warren Copland

22nd January 2013, at 09:50:29

Just get on with it, the Olympic Stadium was built quicker than this!

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by Mad Hatter

22nd January 2013, at 09:48:41

Just a thought ,with lots of other businesses going into administration is this the best decision to make , I am for an ASDA coming to the island but also realise that it could be very detrimental for other businesses in town

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by Liam Thom

22nd January 2013, at 09:17:23

We don't need another out of town shop. Much of the town centre is vacant as it is. Cut car parking costs in the town and bin this planning application.

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