Anger over changes to car parking charges

By Matthew Mckew

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


FOUR petitions attracting hundreds of signatures each have been launched by Isle of Wight residents, who are unhappy with the proposed changes to car parking charges.

The biggest gripe of residents and businesses is the extension of chargeable hours from 8am to 6pm to 8am to 8pm at council car parks and on-street parking areas.

The largest petition, which concentrates on the changes at Appley and Puckpool car parks, collected more than 3,000 signatures.

Organiser Tony Gibbs has been invited to a council meeting to discuss the petition's objectives.

A petition against the proposals at the Medina Leisure Centre car park has attracted more than 400 signatures.

It reads: "The council say education is a priority but this proposal hits at the heart of their promise. Leisure centre users, with a One Card, will be exempt so leisure is free but education costs."

Almost 300 people had signed a petition on Wednesday complaining about the plans to scrap free parking for 30 minutes at Moa Place, Freshwater.

It said: "This will hit those struggling on small fixed incomes who are already finding it hard."

A fourth petition against changes at Brannon Way car park, in Wootton, attracted more than 100 signatures.

It said: "All villagers, whether or not they use the car park, will be affected by the reduction in the number of people frequenting the village and the inevitable demise of local businesses."



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by Terry Murdoch

17th May 2014, at 18:28:58

How about , instead of increasingparkin charges, the council install traffic light cameras that fine you for 'jumping' a red or amber light (as they do on the north island), the revenvue generated would be phenominal, eapecially at that wonderful gyratory system coppins bridge, what with red lights ignored ("I won't be caught") and yellow box junctions flouted. If this was implimented the island could possibly enjoy 'free' parking

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by alan naylor

17th May 2014, at 13:09:29

Its not the car parking prices everyone you are all on a minimum wage pension reliant island and way behind the times and the economy of the country as a whole get on board now that means change sorry

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by Martin Miller

16th May 2014, at 15:36:30

Parking charges are absolutely rediculous for those who rely on their own transport, as Southern Vectis and the IW council are hand in hand. One way or another YOU WILL PAY if commuting on public transport was as reasonably priced as the mainland we may consider changing the way we travel, helping the environment in the process. As always we are captive to whatever the council wish to impose on us. Although we could always vote next council election and show what we think of these people who have no concept of what the rank and file have to endure just to get to work, and probably have a private drive, so need not worry. Sorry no offence, as for parking for blue badge, I have no problem, but when there is free parking, and the blue badge car is either a 6series BMW or Audi I probably have a bit of a strange understanding that a person who, chances are earning considerably more than the average motorist, can park for free. A tad of jealousy probably, but let's be fair across the board

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by John Crowe

16th May 2014, at 08:22:12

Nope, just looked, our long stay parking is cheaper than Newquay and, and it's a big AND, they charge a £1.00 for evening parking from 1800 to 0030. Mind you, they don't charge from November to March. Now wouldn't that be a nice little treat from IW Council. Just to show a bit of good faith to us all. Figures from Cornwall County Council and apply to Atlantic Road Long Stay Car Park

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by David Blackford

16th May 2014, at 07:44:29

Kevin, really! - are you saying that blue badge holders are also paupers and cannot afford to pay to park their subsidised motability car?

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by sue allen

15th May 2014, at 22:36:26

Rubbish, parking isn't cheap, also why aren't we given change? Complete rip off. You wouldn't get away with that in any other circumstances. Council make up the rules as they go along.

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by John Crowe

15th May 2014, at 21:55:50

Oh for goodness sake, parking on the island is cheap. How else do you think that the car parks are going to be maintained?

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by kevin froment

15th May 2014, at 18:14:49

i did wonder when the blue badge scheme would come under fire, without those badges a lot of people wouldnt be able to go anywhere, or are you saying that disabled people shouldnt be allowed out at all, touch of bitterness there i think

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by sue allen

15th May 2014, at 13:55:56

It's irrelevant that it's similar to 2 cups of coffee as the price of coffees bought in the likes of Starbucks and Costa's is also a rip off. You can have coffee when you get home but you have to park somewhere and if you arent fit you might not be able to walk any distance.

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by Debbie Hollebon

15th May 2014, at 10:52:14

I agree with David, I have a friend in a wheelchair, he also disapproves of free disabled blue badge places and thinks everyone should pay. The reason for this is he needs a wider place to get his wheelchair in and out but in his experience he often finds all the disabled places taken, often by people abusing the system using granny's blue badge to avoid charges. If everybody paid it would avoid this abuse and leave the wider spaces for those who really need them. He says he's on the same pension as mobile people so why shouldn't he pay plus he has extra payments to help with his mobility.

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