Anti-EU result has sent 'shockwaves through Europe'

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


UKIP's victory at the European Parliament election and success on the Isle of Wight, has been described as remarkable by Conservative MP Andrew Turner.

Following yesterday's (Monday) result, which saw UKIP take four of the ten MEP seats for the South East region, compared with three for the Conservatives, Mr Turner congratulated the party's supporters.

Mr Turner said: "It would be disingenuous to try to pretend that this is anything other than a remarkable result for UKIP, both nationally and in the South East.  I am of course very glad that three of my Conservative colleagues Dan Hannan, Nirj Deva and Richard Ashworth were re-elected; they have an excellent track record of hard work for the region.  

"However, for UKIP to increase their number of seats to four is testament to the disillusion and disconnection that many people feel from mainstream political parties. I know from speaking to Islanders that two UKIP policies in particular find resonance with Island voters – they want a say on our relationship with the EU and they don’t like the way in which we have no say on who comes into our country.  Let me be clear – I share those concerns, but believe that the way to achieve change is to support the Conservative Party, campaigning for change."

He said he had opposed membership of the Common Market in 1975, supported calls for an in or our referendum and would campaign to leave the EU.

He said immigration was an important issue.

"Although the Conservatives have successfully brought in policies to cut immigration from outside the EU, not enough has been done to curb the free movement of people within its borders.  We can hardly be surprised when people turn to parties who say they will deal with those issues.  

"One good thing about the vote last week, whether or not it was the intention of those who voted UKIP), is that the major political parties are at last taking those concerns seriously.  There will doubtless be new announcements from both parties over the coming weeks and months due to this result. Indeed shockwaves from anti-EU results are being felt across Europe.

"Finally, I would like to say that I very much dislike the view that somehow UKIP has 'borrowed’ votes from other parties.  Votes belong to voters, not parties – and if they want to vote for UKIP, other minority parties or even the Monster Raving Loony Party that is a failure of those of us in mainstream politics to convince people that we can represent their interests.  I am certainly conscious that I need to continue to work to get that message across until the General Election in May next year."

Click here to see how the Isle of Wight voted.


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by Rose Lynden-Bell

28th May 2014, at 10:42:35

If Andrew Turner is truly concerned about our country's sovereignty, why is he not talking about the withdrawal of 43 vetoes by EU rules which, on 1st November this year, will finally render our Parliament obsolete? Please refer to: for details.

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by James Reed

27th May 2014, at 21:47:47

One thing you have to give to UKIP is its stirred up political debate both locally and nationally. I don't remember ever seeing as many comments on this site, lets hope a new wave of passion can be brought in UK politics for the general election instead of the limp depressing turn out figures of the past elections.

The thing that joins us together is we all have a vote and all want change

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by Mike Powell

27th May 2014, at 17:47:37

Never say never John who would of thought Clegg was in power, if there was hope for him I am sure Farage will see some hope as well.

Probably another coalition.

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by Colin Russell

27th May 2014, at 17:46:15

John, the rest of the country will out vote London any day of the week, London is not the be and done all,

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by John James

27th May 2014, at 17:20:13

I dunno he might fit right in at UKIP, he never liked Europe, pro death penalty etc. Farage was an ex tory. UKIP will never form a govt anyway they have zero support in London.

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by Daniel Moss

27th May 2014, at 17:07:51

If he cared so much about the Euro results, why did he not go to the count?

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by Peter Truman

27th May 2014, at 16:30:01

Mr Turner describes it as a remarkable result for UKIP nationally and in the south east. However he has overlooked that it was an even better result for UKIP on the Island - which should make him rather scared. Here's the comparisons:

Nationally - 27.5%
South East - 32.1%
Isle of Wight - 40.9%

That makes the Isle of Wight vote for UKIP one of the strongest, if not the strongest, in the south.

Does Mr Turner now intend to spend the next year fishing in the same pool as UKIP for right-wing anti-European votes, or does he intend to have any broader appeal to the sensible mainstream?

I doubt hardcore UKIP supporters will come his way, they've made their minds up.

If I was a betting man I would put good money on a surprise UKIP victory on the Island. Last year's local elections show our stubborn-mindedness.

I doubt whether Turner is the man to win hearts and minds on the Island. He will struggle to get his message across in any hustings. I assume he will be taking

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by Don Prescott

27th May 2014, at 16:22:53

19th century Mexican freedom activist Emiliano "Viva" Zapata once famously said “it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”

Not according to Turner, IW Councillors and local Councillors, who would have us all "live on our knees" begging for a few quid in "assisted area status" from our Masters in Bruxelles, whilst they move from one week there to Strasbourg the next.

Where do these people get off exhorting British people, renowned for their sense of fair play and decency, to keep paying billions of £s to this corrupt club so that Spain can build airports where planes never fly, Opera houses where nobody ever performs and of which the Spanish people are sick to death, whilst their young people struggle with 45% unemployment.
Cameron, like Turner, is now dead in the water because he tries to trick people into believing that we will get a "referendum" - more likely a CON-dum!

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by David Blackford

27th May 2014, at 15:56:45

I agree Don - Cameron will fail to negotiate anything - and he knows it - so why not give us that referendum now

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by Don Prescott

27th May 2014, at 15:49:15

Andrew Turner says "but believe that the way to achieve change is to support the Conservative Party, campaigning for change."

Does he not understand the workings of the European Union?

The ONLY way there will be "change" is to get rid of him and Cameron who make promises they cannot and will not keep.

Article 50 is the ONLY way out of this corrupt club.

"the major political parties are at last taking those concerns seriously."
Andrew, show yourself the door old chap, while you can still see it

The Lib Dems STILL keep harping on about how we will lose jobs and trade.
Yet the electorate removed 11 of the 12 Lib Dem MEPs, so the public do not believe this garbage any more than they believe Camerons lies about "renegotiating terms".

As for the pub landlord/barman - from Syriza on the far left to Front National on far right -they don't believe you, Turner, Miliband or Clegg!
However, I wholeheartedly agree about BNP.

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