Arreton housing plan rejected

By Richard Wright

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A CONTROVERSIAL 40-home Arreton development has been turned down by the Isle of Wight Council’s planning committee.

Today’s (Tuesday) decision followed earlier refusal of developer Laurie Calloway’s plan to build 89 homes at Hazeley Combe — a decision he has appealed.

More than 120 letters of objection were received including those from Arreton Parish Council, the Council to Protect Rural England, the Badger Trust and Island Watch.

The effect on nearby historic Haseley Manor, the scale, location and density of housing and adverse effects on the environment and traffic safety were among objections.

Officers had recommended approval, deciding that the development would address a demonstrated housing need in the village.

The appeal against the refusal of the original plans is due to be heard in August.


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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

4th May 2014, at 07:17:53

Kacie, much of our history is certainly nothing to be proud of, but i do agree historical villages such as Arretton should be protected so that our generations can visit and form our own opinions about the past and how our ancestors conducted themselves centuries ago.

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by Kacie Hayden

2nd May 2014, at 08:14:11

application was Definitely the Right decision. If it had been approved a precedence would have been set and every village on the Isle of Wight would have been concreted over. Every piece of Greenfield land would have been at risk. Our whole Island would be subject to greedy developers looking for a “quick buck.”
We, and our children would have been left with the legacy of what we had allowed to be destroyed. There is a much bigger picture to see, look at the rain forests that we have chopped down, the animals we have needlessly killed to extinction. I am not proud of my fellow man. Are you?
If we lose our villages and way of life, we lose our identity that goes with it.
Sadly, from some of the comments over the past couple of weeks, I feel some of you already have.
Well I have not, and I will, along with the residents of Arreton Historic Village continue to protect and look after what we have. We have spent 16 long months fighting this and it’s not over yet. If we all just acce

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by Kacie Hayden

2nd May 2014, at 08:11:10

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by Kacie Hayden

2nd May 2014, at 08:09:58

This planning application was wrong on so many points. The Island is a beautiful place and we should all cherish it. Many people in this country would give their all to live in such a lovely location.
Arreton is an example of typical “Old England.” With two grand Manor Houses either end of the village, a cricket pitch, village school, community centre, thatched cottages and many footpaths with fantastic country walks and views. This is a way of life, somewhere we can all trace our roots and ancestors back to.
Tourists come to see this tiny village in ” in all it’s glory.”
Many countries do not have the history that England has. Our Manor Houses, castles and quaint old houses are the envy of many.
I have over the past few weeks read many negative, nasty comments about Arreton and it’s residents from the same few ignorant people who have nothing better to do. We’ll let me just say to you all, it does not matter what has been said, common sense has prevailed.
The Refusal of this plan

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by Ashley Harcourt

30th April 2014, at 23:00:03

If previous plans of just a few years ago had been blocked then surely the people living in those lovely new houses wouldn't be there to koan about the proposed development now.
"I'm alright Jack as my house has been built but now I'm here I don't want anyone else moving nearby and enjoying what I've got" .
Absolute classic NIMBYism. Superb example.

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by Den Young

30th April 2014, at 21:11:09

never mind the smell of rotting produce will soon be drifting over Arreton, should have left that site to the motorcycles.

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by john hanson

30th April 2014, at 19:43:15

It will happen like david said money talks nod nod wink wink you know what i mean

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by david wright

30th April 2014, at 19:35:18

My argument is were the property developers who built your house any different??
People who live in nice places want to keep it for them selves. Unfortunately unless they want to initiate population control it will happen it is just a matter of when.

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by Scott Brine

30th April 2014, at 17:36:41

Let us all cut to the chase - property developers only care about making money; they flood areas with drab, formulaic, box-houses on similary bog-standard estates with absolutely no infrastructure, leading to dependance on generic out-of-town supermarkets - what a life. They swoop in like proverbial svengalis, make money, then swoop out leaving all the mess behind. In a country where it is virtually impossible to get on the housing ladder, the need for more houses (purely for lining the pockets of heartless fatcats) is ridiculous and unnecessary, especially in somewhere like Arreton.

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by David Walter

30th April 2014, at 17:34:04

Alan Hunter - Agree 100%. It is proper jobs we need.

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