Asda decision should be delayed

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, March 20, 2014


A DECISION on whether supermarket giant Asda should be allowed to build a superstore on the outskirts of Newport, should be delayed to allow the town to plan for its impact.

Asda first announced its intention to build a store close to St George’s Park in December 2010, later prompting an alternative site to be put forward by a group of businessmen in a similar location.

The Isle of Wight Council is due to consider both applications at a special meeting in the coming weeks.

Newport Business Association has urged the council to delay a decision however, to allow the completion of a cohesive plan.

Chairman Steve Smith said: "The business association believes that this new major out of town development would be a defining moment, significantly contributing to the decline of the county town as a viable centre.

"The association recognises that town centres have to reshape and resize around modern lifestyle and shopping habits, but believe there is room for a destination shopping town on the Island which could thrive.

"Newport town has evolved ad-hoc and history has not been kind, there is inadequate provision of accessible and affordable parking. Edge of town stores and out of town stores are in fragmented locations and do not create destination shopping zones and therefore links to the town centre.

"Isle of Wight Council has at some level the responsibility for the planning decision and will be the benefactor of a capital receipt for the sale of the land should the current proposal go ahead. At the same time the town centre parking charges levied continue to increase, taxing shoppers and having a negative effect on passing trade and small purchase trips. This significantly contributes to town centre decline."

He added: "Time to reflect while a strategic plan is completed will be beneficial to ensure the right deal for Newport. To come out of the process with an out of town superstore which in no way supports town sustainability would be unforgivable."


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by Olivia Clark

22nd March 2014, at 22:56:00

Also I would love to know how the council plan to make Newport a thriving town centre because if it was that easy surely it would have been done by now! I also agree with others that there should be no way the council should be turning their noses up at new jobs being created! It's easy to say that these jobs could be created in the centre but please tell me how?! As already been said small islander shops can't afford the shops there and large companies aren't investing here either!

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by Olivia Clark

22nd March 2014, at 22:39:55

I'm sorry but I feel like I'm missing something - Newport is hardly a thriving town centre as it is! I can only see that asda would bring more people to newport and if they could provide some good free parking eg 3 hours what's to stop people walking into town from there! The problem with a 'strategic plan' for the centre and any attempts to preserve the islands small businesses is in the business rates and high rents of the shops in newport - as a business owner on the island I would love to have a shop in newport but I can't see it ever happening because of these massive overheads before we even begin thinking about electric heating wages etc! So it's not the stores on the outskirts causing problems because the way things are going the high street will move anyway as shops are cheaper out of the centre! I don't see the difference between asda and sainsburys who were allowed their massive expansion!

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by Gaspard Postlethwaite

22nd March 2014, at 22:00:28

Tap water straight from the mains sold on shelves at Asda
What appears good value is tap water marked up 2,500 per cent.
Asda admit it is just ordinary filtered Yorkshire Water from the tap.
Their supermarkets are selling bottled tap water to millions of unsuspecting customers. Bottles of Asda ‘Smartprice Still Water’ are sitting on shelves alongside big brands of mineral water such as Evian and Perrier. However, there is no explanation on the label of the Asda brand that the contents are simply tap water.
On the face of it, the Asda water, which costs 17p for a two-litre bottle, offers remarkable value compared with the big brands. In reality it is no more than a filtered version of the mains water that comes out of the tap at a cost of just a third of a penny a litre.
This means Asda and their suppliers are enjoying a mark-up of around
2,500 per cent! This is just one example of how companies like Asda are hoodwinking the gullible British public. How many more exaples are th

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by Steve Laser

22nd March 2014, at 20:43:13

Well Gaspard if you like booking your car on the ferry and paying the fare plus the hour each way on the Red-funnel just to see your wife smile at the choice on display excellent.
My choice is let them go to Newport on their own spend all day looking in the big shops, come home happy and cook my tea.
Asda will bring quality goods to the Island at a fair price, something that can't be ignored.
I don't know how old you are but petrol was exactly the same price in all the garages on the Island, previous to Tesco opening and it was way higher than mainland garages, I wonder why that was?
Food in Cowes shop used to cost more Cowes week until Supermarkets arrived, I wonder why?
Shops closed Wednesday and Thursday afternoons until supermarkets arrived, I wonder why?
The only thing that will destroy our Island is to many houses and a bridge to the mainland, the houses may happen the bridge never will.

The logic says

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by Steve Laser

22nd March 2014, at 20:24:58

Well Gaspard if you like booking your car on the ferry and paying the fare plus the hour each way on the Red-funnel just to treat your wife to a days shopping in the sort of shops that most people In Southampton can enjoy carry on with your trips please.
The logic says

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by Baz Taylor

22nd March 2014, at 12:59:06

To quote Gaspard: "Anything Asda sells is available in a variety of local shops and other supermarkets....." Agreed. But Asda sells it FAR CHEAPER!! I'm on a very low pension and welcome anything that saves me expense! You and your supporters keep using the smaller shops by all means. That way, they'll stay in business!

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by Alex Pick

22nd March 2014, at 12:52:46

asda not good 4 us say no

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by Gaspard Postlethwaite

22nd March 2014, at 12:45:48

I am seriously thinking of throwing my hat into the ring of the forthcoming General Election and would welcome comments from Islanders who support my manifesto on preserving the Islands heritage.

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by Gaspard Postlethwaite

22nd March 2014, at 12:38:31

I am sure Asda stores are very nice.......if you like that kind of thing! With respect, if I take Mrs Postlethwaite to the mainland she gets very excited at all the products on display.........most ladies do. However, if we had one on the Island they would soon want another store and then another. Most ladies on the Island love to go shopping on the mainland.....but to build all these stores over here would be absurd. We have to accept we live on a small Island and it is our responsibility to preserve our Market Town, not move shops out just because some supermarket giant decides to build here. We already have far too many national companies opening their pile it high sell it cheap (?) businesses and they are doing the Island tremendous harm. We need to encourage business into the town not out of it.....keep Newport the way Islanders and visitors like it .
We have a wonderful Capital and we must preserve it. Building another supermarket and we are going to become a mini mainland

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by Russell Palin

22nd March 2014, at 10:00:21

Went to ASDA in Poole the other day, very nice, the Mrs loved it.
ASDA will make a lot of money out of the Newport store, to make it fair, they should support the local shops in Newport by paying for free parking in town after people have shopped in the superstore. Or.....
It would be nice to see a small shops mall "bolted on" to the side of the superstore, then shops from town could move there, like they do in France and other near by countries.
That way people avoid parking in the money grabbing town parking areas. Yet the local shops have a chance to survive.

There, just two ideas to make life easier for Newport shops and shoppers, I prefer the last one as I believe parking charges are wrong and should stop totally.

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