Asda plans approved

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, July 3, 2014



PLANS to build a new supermarket on the outskirts of Newport have been approved by Isle of Wight Councillors.

At a special meeting of the planning committee, members voted to approve plans submitted by the supermarket giant Asda, as well as a rival application submitted by South Coast Leisure (SCL), a group of local business people.

Asda has repeatedly said it had no interest in the plans put forward by SCL and already has an agreement with the Isle of Wight Council to use an area of land owned by the authority, close to St George's Park, which is owned by SCL.

The decision means the supermarket will be able to push ahead with its own plan.

The supermarket has said its plans will create 450 jobs, however fears have been raised that the supermarket will drive trade out of the town and hit local businesses.

*Today (Wednesday) Doug Wilson, head of UK Property Communications for ASDA, said in a statement: "We are delighted the council’s planning committee approved our planning application for a new ASDA store on St George’s Way. We will look to begin work on the site later this year with a view to opening the new store in late 2016, early 2017.

"We have already begun discussions with Jobcentre Plus as to how ASDA’s recruitment programme can support the Island’s employment and training priorities and we expect to meet with other Island groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and the trader and tourist organisations as we work on the finer details of the store’s delivery.

"We have had great support from the local community throughout the planning process and we would like to thank everyone for all of their efforts on our behalf. We are very much looking forward to coming to the Island."


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by Colin Barton

4th July 2014, at 18:28:51

I see that Asda is cutting it's workforce and will be concentrating on the internet to hold sales very similar to morrisons!

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by Colin Barton

4th July 2014, at 18:23:05

Well it will be nice in Newport when this happens no traffic jams no traffic
and no push chairs no happy shoppers,we will be free to go to the banks/building society with no queues, plenty of properties to let (vgood prices),could possibly turn county hall into a budget hotel,and the indys could stay there possibly directing traffic if they are capable!

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by roger mazillius

4th July 2014, at 14:33:53

DW - see my post of 3/7 at 21.00. Both applications were recommended for approval because in planning terms they both ticked enough of the necessary boxes to pass the several tests required for approval.
As I have also posted, permission can be given even though there is really only room for one such development (ie on the basis that either could be viable if the Council land was included).
But as IWC has a contractual obligation to Asda, it is probably true to say that the SCL permission was in the minds of the planning members, more of a theoretical approval than a practical one.
However as I have also previously posted, SCL do have permission and if (the experts on gaining supermarket approvals) Tesco have or do join them, then who knows what the end result may be.
Still a mess!

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by david wright

4th July 2014, at 12:36:39

I do not understand how IOW planning can approve both sets of plans! It smacks of total cop out on their part and only gives SCL more opportunity for spoiling tactics in their quest to make money from their site that ASDA have stated categorically they do not want!

As has been said it would not surprise me if armed with their planning approval SCL do not run to another supermarket to try and tempt them to throw a spanner in the works. Tesco for example I am sure dont like ASDA or want them here!

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by Don Prescott

4th July 2014, at 11:41:44

Some interesting and diverse comments, but more and more of these decisions are and will continue to be, mainland led.

I have said before that it will not be very long before this "Council" is assimilated into Hampshire.

The IWCouncil have given up on discretionary services and cannot even fund statutory services for much longer, let alone make huge redundancy payments to those they want/need to sack.

Yet all the while Rome burns, they bumble along, begging for EU Grants (funded by our taxes), "consulting" on almost every subject from kids bus fares to floating bridge fares, from daft £100,000 "new road" schemes for the Undercliff to making a new footpath at Totland, from food banks to Sports centres, whilst the island slips into a financial, employment, educational and economic coma.

Let us hope Pickles makes a move soon or there may be nothing left to save.

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by roger mazillius

4th July 2014, at 10:23:09

Thanks Mike and Richard. I also think that the Council-owned land is needed for access or car parking (or both?) so at present at least I suspect the SCL scheme is inoperable without that Council land, ie you cannot build a supermarket without a car park and you can bet Asda will not be sharing theirs!
However I suppose the temptation for SCL now that they actually have permission will be to see if there is another way this can be facilitated. If they have an aggressive partner like Tesco, who knows what that may come up with?
What a mess!

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by Richard Marlow

3rd July 2014, at 22:58:20

Be very interesting to see what SCL's plans are now. Could be a new Tesco mega-store, but that could kill the Ryde one. Somebody with financial muscle is needed to help repay all the money that SCL have spent so far. Me, I think it ought to be a bigger Poundland. Or perhaps IKEA.

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by Mike Crowe

3rd July 2014, at 22:02:39

Roger I have been asking all along, have SCL got Tesco in their back pocket? I would put money on it. Just wait and see.

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by roger mazillius

3rd July 2014, at 21:00:33

I agree DW! However, the interesting point you may have overlooked is that I think the SCL application also required land from the IWC (you do not have to own land to apply for planning permission as the permission attaches to the land not the ownership).
But as the IWC has done a very good financial deal with Asda for Council land by way of a binding contract which was subject only to planning permission being obtained, presumably there is no way they will facilitate SCL's proposals.
MInd you, it may be that SCL will find a forceful partner, eg Tesco who have wanted to build in Newport for decades and who will move heaven and earth to get something out of the planning permission just granted. As I said, most interesting although can you imagine the impact if the two giants did open on adjoining sites!

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by david wright

3rd July 2014, at 19:33:02

Am i the only one who cannot believe the planning Department cop out dragging this planning debacle out for months and months of excruciating torture and THEN they approve both ASDA and SCL's applications????

Surely that makes them look unbelievably stupid???

Surely plans for both supermarkets cannot be approved can they??

If they have decided to approve both applications can someone explain what the delay was and justify it???

Am I missing something?

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